Blog About Nothing In Particular

A Blog All About What I Don’t Know What To Write About

Today is all about word vomiting on a page, and that’s exactly what I intend to do.

Work is going phenomenally. I’m challenged, I’m encouraged to grow, I get to work hard, and my coworkers are freaking awesome. We recently launched a new piece of a product that will change how we do business, and great things are in store for all of us.

Triathlon season is, for all intents and purpose, over. I have two races left which I plan on piddling through, with phenomenal swim and bike times. I will decide whether or not I’m going to make any attempt on the run.

I haven’t touched my trumpet in, well, forever. I hope that it isn’t a lost cause but I’m almost afraid to dust off the cobwebs. Perhaps a healthy break for the remainder of the summer from triathlon insanity will renew my interest… then again, I ask myself, interest in what? What is still interesting?

This year has been insane and epic, and holy crap what a ride. On the flip side, it’s been overwhelming, anticlimactic in an after-the-fact sense, and pretty difficult to find true relaxation and balance. When the most relaxing thing in my life is a 90 minute grueling sports massage every week, something just doesn’t add up. Needless to say, that’s entirely besides the whole not sleeping thing. Wonderful.

I am going to be treated to a visit from one of my best friends, who, coincidentally, I had to travel to Australia to meet. That will be an adventure in of itself. I am therefore planning an epic quest to create the perfect antidote to solving the common problem of Type A personality types: overachievement. Whether or not that is ever completed is entirely unrelated and rather erroneous.

I will admit it. I have achieved far too much this year. It sounds like whining but it isn’t. It’s certainly not a pity party. It’s a fact: I have demolished my candle in epic fashion, shattering mountainous goals along the way like a bull in a China shop or an earthmover crushing a crystal stemware set. BAM. Now I’m left with the overwhelming consequences of doing almost everything imaginable in a single year.

New job (March). New dog (April). MBA (May). IRONMAN (June). New car (July).

Need I say more? That’s a freaking crap load to deal with. I honestly hope that nothing happens August through December. I just want to coast and not deal with anything.

Every night by the time I get home I’m worn out and exhausted. And of course the dog needs attention and dinner needs cooking, but after that I just feel goo-ish and want to simply exist in my own little world. Then I get wrapped up in my new favorite video game (Torchlight 2) and a few hours later I crash into bed, wiped out, and definitely unrested for the next day. HOORAY LIFE.

So that’s enough vomit for one day. I plan on fully utilizing my new Camelback to support my hiking adventures for five hours, enjoy getting my car in sparkling condition, and eventually getting back on the bike to prepare for the next race. Perhaps another century is in my future now that I’ve crushed 112…

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  1. I refuse to believe the you don’t want anything to happen in the next 5 mos. I think it’s more that you want to know what’s going to happen and you need it to be amazing so you can crush whatever “it” is and make it even more amazing! I know that whatever lies ahead big or small you will conquer it all ;) just don’t forget to enjoy the simple moments too. Xo

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