3 Ways to Renew Your Self-Fulfillment

Ah, Friday at last. Doesn’t the air just seem cleaner today and more refreshing? What a week it’s been… I got to celebrate my company’s 100th birthday and help launch a new product. Freaking awesome! Check out EMPLOYERS. What were you doing 100 years ago?!?

On a side note, hooray for weekends! It’s a time to sleep in, relax, take care of a gazillion outstanding errands, and just have fun in general. Hopefully there’s some hiking, movie watching, a triathlon, and a varied assortment of miscellaneous expeditions and quasi adventures.

Summer is fleeting but then that means the 100 degree weather will soon subside and the refreshing 80 degree weathers of a gorgeous fall day will sweep upon us bringing with it football, the aroma of tailgate BBQs, and a new swarm of freshmen flocking to the University of Nevada. For the first time in many, many years, I will not be a part of that swarming. That’s kind of sad…

It’s fascinating to me how much people (myself included) long for change, but then often find change to be annoying. If it’s cold, people want the heat. When it’s a scorcher, people desire a cool breeze. If you’re served hamburgers, people wish for pizza. And when the pizza arrives, partygoers hope for chicken instead. What is it about change and feeling fulfilled that drives us forward in maddening circles pursuing something “else?”


The ideal situation for any one person is to be fully content with each and every day, basking in the freedom that every minute provides, and just enjoying the present, not longing for the future or mourning the past, but living in the moment and being the best person that you are able for that fleeting time. I’ve recently learned that a year is a very short thing indeed. When you’re a teen, of course you can’t wait until you’re in your 20s. Entering my late 20s, however, I find myself looking backwards a year or two or seven, wondering about the many “what ifs” or “where has the time gone.”

Time is a gift. A gift not fully appreciated and certainly not one understood. Seriously, can any of you believe that it’s August? What the heck…

2013 may quickly become the year of the Mirror of Self-Reflection (sounds like an epic video game weapon). I’ve done nothing but reflect since IRONMAN, and it’s served me well but I still have yet to figure out where that reflection has brought me. I do have three primary reflections I arrived at though:

1. Be Yourself – Nobody likes an impersonator or a fake. There’s no quicker way to lose those close to you than by pretending to be someone (something) that you aren’t. It just isn’t worth it. Be confident in yourself, maintain a healthy amount of self-esteem, and kick butt doing it!

2. Stretch Yourself – Remaining stagnant is not impressive, exciting, or healthy. You must continue to pursue new opportunities. Put yourself out on a limb for new and wonderful adventures.

3. Free Yourself – Don’t sweat the small stuff. Sure, we’re all guilty of it but that doesn’t make it worth losing sleep over (literally).

None of this is radical or completely impressive, but it does hold some very important keys to having a successful life filled with self-contentment and honesty with yourself.

To the weekend and to greatness!

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