3 Lessons From Life’s Survival Guide

Life is freaking crazy… I don’t get any of it.

These last few weeks have been nuts: 4 AM mornings, troubleshooting issues, wrapping up my race season, finally digging back into my regular training schedule, trying to get my car registered, and readjusting to post IRONMAN, post MBA, post I’mTurningMyFreakingLifeUpsideDownYetAgain! Ugh ;[

Spending time packed into a room full of people supporting a product is quite possibly the greatest professional bonding experience I’ve ever had. You get such a mix of personalities, work styles, expertise, interests, skills, brainstorming powers, etc. How fun! You get the widest range of responses to unexpected issues, fantastic reactions from hilarious phone calls, and in general, it congeals you as a team. You can’t possibly do anything except work together.

Here’s my observations on what makes a successful group stick together like PB and J (professional or social).

1. Surround yourself with diverse people – You may be good at what you do, even great, but guaranteed that if you surround yourself with the right people, they will bring a different approach to life than you have. The more heads you have on a problem, the quicker you will find a solution that is more likely to work. Square air filter in Apollo 13 anyone?

2. Have enough common ground to build buy-in – People rally around a cause; give them something to believe in! Whether planning an excursion to the beach or supporting your customers, people do better when they think that their work actually matters! No one enjoys the dull, trite work, but sometimes it’s necessary. Give someone something they believe in, empower them appropriately, and let them run with it!

3. Take initiative – Come on people, step up to the plate and make things happen! If you see a problem, fix it. If you don’t know how, ask, and then fix it. Be useful. Be excited. Be productive. Be a problem-solver, someone who people can come to with an issue and you will tackle it with gusto, enthusiasm, and an attitude that screams I enjoy what I’m doing!


Here’s to a great week!

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