IT and Hashtags

I finally decided to put the pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, and finally get something back out onto the interwebs. I’m a man of many words, but little need to say them out loud so today will be short.

First, I have replaced my crappy iPhone with the bold and glorious HTC One. Seriously people, it’s worth a look. I will post a mini review sometime next week. As an aside, it had been two years since I last looked for a phone (we’re talking prior to the Galaxy S3 being released) and the features of phones now are pretty astounding.

Second, I was chatting with a coworker about how teens and early 20 year olds can’t communicate without using a hash tag. You know what I’m talking about… some little annoying # sign followed by a saying such as #nofilter #skippingschool or #impeachObama . Hash tags originated with Twitter, an online social media platform that connects people based on subjects (#triathlon) and discussions involving 140 characters. Basically, it’s categorical texting around a theme.

Today’s theme, based solely in hilarity, poking fun at people these days, and sharing experiences from the IT world, is just a quick compilation of hilarious thoughts that could easily be spammed out throughout cyberspace.

























Happy Tuesday!



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