I Am Many Things

I am many things, a futurist and a hoper are just two of the ways I would describe myself. As we slowly turn the corner into the homestretch of the year with the arrival of fall, it’s often a time of reflection and pondering.

September is really kind of the beginning of the year for me, usually based around the start of school, college football, and throwing my birthday in there for kicks never hurts anything. School, this year, is a non-issue (thank you graduation!). Unfortunately, all that free time is being taken up hiding from all of the bloody smoke choking our area instead of basking in the bronze glory of our closest star.

I was throwing the ball to my dog in the park the other day and was really enjoying being outside in the slightly cooler and more fall-like weather, minus the smoke of course. It always feels healthy during the changing of the seasons. Out with the old in with the new I say! I have great hope for the storm brewing that is Nevada football. We’ve got a new coach. We’ve got potential. We have great fans. We are Battle Born! The annual crushing of UNLV is one of my favorite fall activities, followed closely by the hot air balloon races. It’s always a busy, relaxing, super-fun time of the year! Who doesn’t like pummeling your weaker rivals annually!?

A few friends just completed IRONMAN Louisville, no small feat as you all know, but it certainly made me miss the chaos of racing. I’m just now getting back to the full swing of exercise. Weights, yoga, swimming, cycling, hiking, exploring. I almost long for May again when I was losing my mind exercising 17 hours a week, and could hardly make it through grad classes without nodding off. I’ve come to accept that I live for the chaos, the nights of limited sleep, and a schedule packed to the brim with shenanigans. It’s just how I find life exciting, dangling my jugular precipitously close to the razor’s edge of overwhelming madness, but just shy of a barbaric overload of my personal and professional life. I’ve got big, big plans for next year, even if they are only in the infant stages of incubation. They will arrive soon enough. Until then, I’m really making the effort to rediscover who I am, burrowing deep into the mysterious mass of cerebral cortex that has amassed itself since January 1, 2013 with all kinds of crazy experiences.


I enjoy spending more time doing low key things that I honestly appreciate (reading my ever-growing book collection, video games, walking the dog, cooking, NOT cleaning), and am rather pleased with how I can turn down the occasional social outing in exchange for some Russell time. I need to figure out the monetary value of an hour just to myself… I’ve even started turning my phone off around 9 PM this past week. Ahhh, the sweet smell of freedom!

As I’m sitting here on the couch, spending my “me time” accordingly, I enjoy dwelling on what is coming down the pipe. Watching in-person Michigan (hopefully) pounding Ohio State back to the Stone Age, relaxing at a wine bar with friends, digging into some delicious ribs courtesy of the some of the best BBQers from around the world, and snapping pictures of nature doing what it does best: existing in a state of change. To take a page from nature’s book, it’s a wonderful thing to experience change! Nature is used to cycles. Changes that constantly bring new things.  The leaves are beginning to drop in Idlewild Park, and the scorching sun is going down a little earlier each day (even though it’s impossible to see).

Good things, well, very good things are in store for the remainder of 2013. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the year, and I have actually learned many, it would be this: stay true to yourself and your interests, the rest will take care of itself.

Happy Thursday.

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