Trusting Relationships

Happy Hump Day!

Well folks, summer and the holidays that accompany it are officially over. I hope you all had the opportunity to enjoy your Labor Day (not laboring ideally). I cashed in on some sorely needed time with the dog at some lakes in northern California. Very relaxing and calming :-)

Nevada football is a go, as is some slightly cooler weather, bringing much needed relief to the area. September is off to a wonderful start and all is as it should be…

I recently saw 2 Guns, an entertaining if not completely predictable tale of police/law enforcement ridiculousness driven by Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington. Explosion-filled, bullet-riddled, action from start to finish, the movie didn’t really offer anything unexpected. It did, however, make a good point in loyalty and team commitment.

One of the lines in the movie is “you fight for the man who is fighting beside you.” We all can take a cue from this quote. We have small circles of people that we would jump in front of cars for, do nearly anything to help out, and strive to be committed and fully invested in their lives as possible.

The great string of movies this summer, Man of Steel, Star Trek: Into Darkness, the Croods, and Pacific Rim all have a huge focus on commitment, supporting those close to you, and standing up for what’s right (together). Perhaps it’s a reflection of our society’s longing for togetherness. The current events in the Middle East, cobbled together with an administration that is hurriedly trying to remove its foot from its mouth, have created an interesting dynamic over the past years. People just don’t seem to trust each other anymore and have a hunger for seeing the outcomes of such positive trust.


It’s a trying time for our country, and the world, and only time will tell the outcome. For my two cents, the relationships between people seemed to have lost their trusting edge. We all seem to jump to the worse conclusion possible, don’t hold our friends or colleagues up with high standards and expectations, and tend to write everyone off as hopeless.

Ironically, fall and the coming holidays seem to be the time when everyone patches those relationships back up and pretends to be in “together mode” as much as possible. Perhaps we’ve just had a run of unfortunate events as Americans in recent years, even since 2000. I don’t know the antidote, but I do know that we all (definitely including myself) need to put some more faith in those we hold dear to us. Sometimes they’re all we’ve got :-) Even those who live in different cities or cross-country can have our backs… we just need to let them.

I hope that this short work week serves you well. Enjoy it!

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