Winds of Change

Fall is in full swing with the cooler temperatures and our first Nevada home football game. What more could you want? The Winds of Change are coming (any Scorpions fans out there?). Be ready.

Seasons are changing, and changes are seasonal. The new weather patterns are quite refreshing and with it I expect some changes to come sweeping into my life as well. What they are, I couldn’t really say, but for the first time in my life, even though race season is over I still am in full training mode for an upcoming half and full marathon within 12 weeks. Whoohoo! Hooray for goals!

This year has brought change overload to my life, and I can only hope and plead that next year is a tad more calm, although at this rate, there’s no way that will happen. Two half IRONMAN events are on the books and soon registration will be complete for IRONMAN Lake Tahoe. Oh well!


Lessons I’ve picked up along the way this year:

1.       Keep your friends close and your close friends closer – Don’t ever avoid the ability to lean on your friends when times are tough. It’s very hard to admit when you need a supporting hand (or scaffolding for that matter) but two way relationships always bring their own rewards.

2.       Take time to recover – The past weeks have been jam-packed every single night with dinners, movies, friend time, and other things. Those are all great but are also exhausting. This weekend won’t be any better although I am looking forward to yet another wedding. Only two more to go!

3.       Reward yourself by going on adventures with your dog – Go hike or explore. It’s so refreshing getting out into the open air. I love it! It brings a great sense of calm back into a very chaotic life.

4.       Don’t tolerate being kicked out of your house for two weeks because they decided to redo the piping as part of a capital improvement project – No comment here. Just don’t let it happen. EVER.

That’s all I’ve got today. To infinity and beyond!

The future’s in the air
I can feel it everywhere
Blowing with the wind of change…

Picture credit 1. Picture credit 2.

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