Hymn for the Lost

It’s hard to believe it’s been twelve years (12!) since 9/11. It’s mind-numbing, in fact, to think that it’s been over a decade. Last time I wrote on 9/11 was on the ten year anniversary, and that feels just like yesterday. Our world is so different today, and yet we are still dealing with the after effects of chaos (Egypt, Syria, the Middle East, North Korea, etc.). It never ends. How interesting it will be to see how the world pans itself out over the next twelve years.

A hymn for the lost,
The broken, and dreary.
September 11th,
Forever eerie.

My country and friends,
Family and loved ones,
Forever affected,
Despite glorious memorials erected.

The death of so many,
Nearly too many to bear.
A fright for any citizen,
You can’t help but care.

Twelve years since that horrid day,
Only time may take the pains away.
The images of airplanes forever etched,
In our brains and minds, oh so wretched.


The world has changed,
That much is certain.
We are no longer safe,
Behind an iron curtain.

I think back to the days of pre 9/11,
And find them hard to envision,
More than a decade,
And the seared memories no closer to excision.

The world tumbles on,
And all too oft,
Forgets what it learned,
While the terrorists scoffed.
American and proud to say,

I love my country more today.
International struggles and strife,
We press onward, building our life.

Red, white, and blue,
We’re not fading away.
Cling to the Lord,
He’ll show us the way!


I’m encouraged by the progress we’ve (the world) has made, but at the same time I’m discouraged by how easily we forget. We are slow learners after all… have a wonderful yet thoughtful and deliberate 9/11 Memorial Day.


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