Oh, the Unknown

The cooling fronts approaching Reno are inadvertently creating a burning, raging desire to get back on board the training Crazy Train. In all fairness, I’ve recovered mentally and emotionally from IRONMAN brutality, and am anxiously awaiting the coming of next season. Unfortunately, 16-20 weeks stands in between me and the first days of the long-awaited season. I’m laying the groundwork for another awesome racing slugfest, and the excitement fuels and motivates like a shot of nitro into the veins. Volunteering at IRONMAN Lake Tahoe will be a good way for me to whet my appetite and hold me over for at least a little longer. A few running races in between now and then will help as well.

I’ve always been one to compare my notes from the year, mental or otherwise, and the calming that fall brings is always a good time to go rifling through everything I’ve pulled together over the year. What good would reflection be without the important part (actually reflecting)? The end of the year always brings with it a few basic conclusions: get more sleep, plan events that are fun, events that stretch, and events that force you outside your bubble.  Each year I try to find something to do that no one else is doing and run with it. Why not? Life is one huge adventure – I might as well make the most of it!

What is it about the end of the year that makes it slip away into the memories of the past? Why is it that the wonderful times are so fleeting, and that the tougher times linger like a splinter of the mind? Perhaps it’s to give us a sense of appreciation once the spring thaw comes, but for me, I find great joy in being outside in the fall weather full of colorful leaves and the warming scent of cider and apples into a concoction of deliciousness.

The other side of this coin is coming face to face with your fears in a horn-locking confrontation meant for lore and legend. How often has a fear, irrational or rational, prevented you from branching out, exploring, talking to someone new, tackling a new hobby, or switching jobs? The unknown is scary. Heck, the unknown can be downright frightening. In my experience, especially in recent years, I’ve found that tackling the unknown head on always brings the best outcome, positive or not. At least you know what you’re getting into once you make the plunge…


Leaping into the unknown may not sound appealing to many. In fact, it probably doesn’t appeal to most. Why would you ever want to leave something you’re familiar with and just shoot off into the abyss with nothing more than hope as your trusted parachute? Well, because that’s exactly how you grow as a person and experience life: by getting out there! It amazes me that many people I know haven’t been to other countries, let alone the other side of the U.S. What the heck people!? How can curiosity not get the better of you?

Before the end of 2013, I’m trying to make it my goal to do something unexpected, no idea what, as well as lay the groundwork for a 2014 that won’t bore. Then again, none of my years have bored me yet. Perhaps that will be a non-issue. Oh, how the cycle continues (as depicted in lyrics from a rock band I thoroughly enjoy)!

My advice for the coming months: enjoy it all! I need to work on that too…

I chase the sun…

…it chases me.

I follow you…

…you follow me.

Have a wonderful Friday and a good weekend. The unknown isn’t all it’s cracked up to be so just tackle it a piece at a time. It will work itself out just like it always does.

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