Mountains of Discovery

Happy 250th blog!!

I just returned from what is quite easily the greatest hiking adventure I have ever been on. If there is a paradise on Earth, it is surely exemplified in the grandeur of mountains rising through the skies, crystal blue lakes, algae covered rocks, and fiery colored tress dancing in the wind. Throw in a fuzzy companion, an unlimited supply of fig bars, and you’ve got yourself a good old time.

It’s so refreshing to escape from reality, the buzz of the city and the whir of the people, that it becomes very difficult to head back home to the real world. Nature is so much quieter than the noise and hubbub that we are used to, and provides the perfect environment for reflection, planning, and anticipation. I honestly believe that people miss out on a huge part of living by not escaping off into the wilderness to witness the beauty that is all around them. That, and there’s nothing like feeling small and insignificant in the shadow of a great mountain range or watching a hawk plunge into a free-fall in pursuit of dinner.

My regrets from this trip are that it took me far too long to actually pull the trigger and get out of town, and that I don’t make time for these kinds of journeys nearly often enough. Granted, I have my triathlon adventures, and they take me to new and wonderful places too, but those aren’t exactly “relaxing.” Even when I finally made it home tired and exhausted, I had renewed energy, lungs full of fresh air, and a kindled desire to see even more of the natural wonderment found in the west. There’s a lot of stuff to see people!

Some don’t enjoy going on solo adventures. I can’t really understand not wanting to do that, because I enjoy tapping my introverted powers, but everyone should find a way to get out of their daily routine and escape into a tree line lightly dusted with snow. There is only one thing greater than an epic adventure into the wild with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich… having two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Yum B-)

Here are a few pictures from the journey to 20 Lakes Basin. It was the perfect day for a hike, and there was hardly a soul in sight. My kind of day and no one to interrupt my thoughts!


What paths have you laid before you this year that have you led to great adventures? What do you have planned for the coming year? More importantly, what are you going to do about not having any adventures planned?




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