The Joy of Rilvary

Well, since this year’s World Series is officially going to suck, I will instead devout 100% of my attention to the rivalry football game between Nevada and UNLV. Our state is known for many things, Vegas with its international fame, and Tahoe with its world draw, but one of the least known gold stars for our state is that we have the heaviest and most expensive college football trophy in the country. That’s right, we have a freaking cannon, and it’s kickass! Tremble in fear you doubters of the Fremont Cannon! It’s clobbering time…


This is my first Nevada vs. UNLV football game where I am not working at the University of Nevada. At the university, you know everyone is cheering for Nevada wholeheartedly because you have alumni and employees alike who bleed blue. Enter my new job, and there are a few brave (and I must admit, silly) souls who religiously pull for UNLV. Props to them for standing by their team and I must say, the colleague who wore their UNLV shirt to work certainly gets kudos for standing up in the face of the coming Nevada onslaught from the many alum who work at my company. Ah, the joys of conflict.

Football aside, it is great rivalries like this that brings people together. It gives them something to hold on to, something to cheer for, and something to be proud of. It is even refreshing that we can be civilized, to a certain extent, unlike those Raiders fans. Even in triathlon, I enjoy seeing my rivals at races as we push, sweat, and grind our way in pursuit of each other.

I don’t really remember when I got this excited about football but it must have been towards the end of my college career. The first Nevada vs. UNLV game after graduation, I somehow convinced a few of my (totally) sane friends that we all needed to paint ourselves to show our school spirit. A tradition was born, which nicely accompanies the duel for the Fremont Cannon, and has continued ever since. This will be the 3rd time I have coated my epidermis with silver and blue, and it certainly won’t be the last. My friends from UNLV have my pity because their school doesn’t even know that there is a football game half of the time… not that they’re really missing anything, because Nevada is blowing UNLV out with 23 wins to UNLV’s 15. Too bad you aren’t from a real college town :-)


Onwards and upwards to great rivalries, a safe weekend, and a great football game. Go Pack!


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