Buckle Up, Princess

Happy Friday! It’s official, IRONMAN has declared that IRONMAN Lake Tahoe is the world’s toughest IRONMAN race. GET PUMPED! The race is only 10 months away and better yet, it’s in my backyard! That is more than ample motivation to blow away last year’s training, get faster, stronger and more agile, and prepare to crush the course.

Just so everyone is clear, there is no “easy” IRONMAN. 140.6 miles of anything will drive even the most stoic athlete insane; now do that with 8000 feet of climbing over a 112 mile bike course at 6000 feet above sea level. Now that will be a stellar thing to participate in.

Race seasons, just like life, come in cycles. I did a half IRONMAN in 2011, the next year I did two. This year I did a full IRONMAN, next year I’m doing two halves and a full. You are constantly stretching your limits, building on your foundation, resting, and doing it again, a little more difficult and harder each time you toe the starting line.

I’m not entirely sure what I would do without my triathlon competition.  Probably wander aimlessly, getting fat in front of Netflix and wondering what I would be doing with my life. I’m stoked for Lake Tahoe not just because it’s one of the world’s toughest events but because I know I can do it. The journey of getting to the starting line, however, brings its own combination of 10,000 different challenges. Perhaps the thing I’m most looking forward to is smoking the massive amount of training hours without having to juggle MBA classes! MY GOSH, I had nearly forgotten how much time I spent in class last spring… not!


Many of you religiously climb your own mountains, much like myself, and find some of the greatest rewards of those adventure by sitting at home at the end of the year, drinking hot chocolate and pondering back on your year’s achievements. Reflection and visualization continue to be worthy allies and one of the strongest mental training tools available. I’ve already begun visualizing my journey through Lake Tahoe to the best of my ability. Fortunately, I volunteered at the course last year and it’s barely an hour away. I plan on using that to my advantage!

Many people these days lack passion and purpose. To me, I don’t know how I would survive without either. In all of my adventures in Reno since 2005, I have never had one that disappoints. Coming into a chilled and bitter winter always drives me indoors, leaving ample time to schedule out new goals, fun vacations, and other things throughout the year that help drive my passion and purpose.

In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy not stressing over how many hours or miles I’m clocking each week or how many carbs I’m ingesting between six meals a day. For the next month, I can snowboard, lift, swim, and watch movies to my heart’s content through Christmas. Then, the fun begins.


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