The Name’s Aaron … Russell Aaron.

Well folks, we have almost survived the initial week of 2014. I admit it has been a very positive experience so far. How has everything been going for you? I’ve hit my exercise marks every day, if not multiple times a day, threw a killer NYE party [007], and had board game night with friends. 2014 is great already, although I am slacking in the sleep department. No surprise there!

Brace yourselves people, the beginning of a new year means that the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is getting ready to explode in a flaming ball of new smartphones, thin TVs, wearable technology, and many other inventions, devices, contraptions, and gadgets to improve, complicate, innovate, and confuse you to the manufacturer’s content. Ah, welcome to the Digital Age. I am anticipating that the tech trend of the year will be the “sweet spot” between smartphones and tablets, somehow granting you a ridiculously monstrous screen in a super thing phone body.

Just like in previous years, I don’t see the appeal or productivity appeal of a tablet. My phone works great for email and YouTube videos. What I am really looking for is a device that is A) portable B) has the ability to work on documents while typing on a physical keyboard and C) connects to the internet. Oh wait, they call that a laptop… Fail.

As a technologist, I really hope to see some products this year that help me differentiate between my divergent collection of gadgets and help to consolidate data. My desktop is used for games, documents, file management, music, and hardcore photo editing. My Xbox is used for games, Netflix, and playing the music off of my computer. My phone also has even MORE music, but I text, browse the web, stream things to my TV via Chromecast, and whatever else. It is MADDENING! How would I fit a laptop or tablet into that mix and not want to stab myself!? There is going to be a need really, really soon for a device that somehow evolves between desktop, laptop, and Portable Mobility Executor of Doom (PDEM) while still having my data consolidated into one place that any device can pull from.

I would love to have a laptop to edit my photos on but then I have to get the data back to my desktop or server type device so I can serve it up to my Xbox when I want to run a slideshow or view my killer photos on my 46” screen. Just like in Iron Man, the ability to “fling” data between devices and displays is coming and will probably be on top of us before we know it. Until then, I shall remain overwhelmed. My biggest gripe is trying to manage copies of my data between phone, desktop, backup USB, cloud, Xbox, etc. etc. etc. and I’m in IT! I pity the non-power user who has no idea what is going on.


I’ve got great hopes for the year and as always look forward to the new technology peeking around the corner. Let’s hope we get more practical this year than gimmicky…

In other news, 2014 will be the year I work on reinventing myself again. I had enough experiences last year for me to settle into a different kind of groove this year. I have a trip or two on the books, my races are all scheduled out through September, and life with a dog is at it should be.  Last year I became Russell the Ironman with an MBA. Perhaps this year I can become Russell the Astronaut… OK, maybe not. I would like to get back into reading, especially considering the pile of books on my coffee table is growing exponentially. I read one and buy five. Sigh…

For me, I find great joy in filling my calendar with journeys, trips, training schedules, and other things, so my “resolutions” (I loathe that term) are threefold:

1)      Intentionally block one entire night during the week to NOT do anything with anyone every week until 2015.

2)      Spend 30 minutes EVERY day reading something (work not counted)

3)      Clean, do laundry and dishes at least once a week

2014, you’re going to be great. Enjoy!

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