Life: The Everlasting Breath Mint

It’s almost Friday, the most joyous of days, and what a week it has been. Anyone else been absolutely buried at work!? Monday was quite easily one of the greatest days of work I’ve had since beginning my new job, and that is no easy feat. I was on a roll: hacking deadlines, smashing business requirements, rewriting the Great American Novel of Workers Comp (yea right), and acting as a valuable resource to my partners in crime. It was just a great day!

In addition, I felt that I reached the pinnacle of self-discovery from the past 365 days, much of which was reflected in my previous blog about Lone Wolves, and my lessons learned from 2013 finally began to click. That is such a great and healthy place to be mentally and emotionally! And what a breath of fresh air it is :-)

I’m the type who enjoys busting my butt at work on meaningful and rewarding tasks. Of course I tackle the not-so-fun tasks with zeal and attention to detail that the better tasks require, but any week of the year I would prefer to do 40 solid hours of fantastic, productive tasks and project work than 30 hours of “garbage.” Career fulfillment is not easy to find. If it was, there would be many more fulfilled and happy Americans instead of the vast majority loathing their job. That, I just can’t understand. You practically live at the office and with coworkers, why would you ever waste that time on a job you don’t enjoy?!


The ebb and flow of the work environment can be very taxing without proper coping mechanisms, and requires the same amount of balance and care that your personal life requires. Low hanging fruit may be an overused cliché, but in reality they’re a critical piece of any work environment. You need mini successes to motivate and drive future project successes, just like you need to celebrate the wins, big and small.

Ebb and flow, seasons and change. Ah, like a good breath mint, life never stays stagnant and is constantly refreshing. Triathlon season and the work place bring their own seasons of change, some more literal than others, but there is still a somewhat cyclical nature. You work on your weaknesses during the offseason, prepare for the big stuff, and then CRUSH it when the time comes! You also spend the post event high enjoying what you’ve accomplished and then you lay the groundwork for what’s next. I certainly wouldn’t compare an IRONMAN to a presentation for your CIO, but let’s be honest, they aren’t as different as you might think…

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  1. Russell,

    I think I’m being impartial when I say how much I enjoy reading your posts. You have a unique style and twist on words and outlook—truly, I hope you’re collecting these posts to PUT INTO A BOOK FOR YOUR MOTHER! (You can start with a collection and make an ebook and see if anyone will buy it…)

    Love ya,


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