The Glories of Sunrise

Good morning and welcome back to Monday after what I hope was a great weekend. Work life has been a blaze of frantic activity as Phase I of a major project ends and Phase II picks up right where it left off. For once, I finally used the weekend to relax and refresh my thoughts. What a welcome relief it was going to bed every evening!

Triathlon season is knocking on the door and I’m trying to keep it all together before the chaos begins. Just yesterday I was out for a run thinking how exciting this year is going to be. Then again, September is a long ways away. That’s a very substantial amount of time to keep my life in balance. 237 days until the big showdown in Lake Tahoe. The great thing about triathlon is the stakes are only as high as you raise them. For me, I’m raising the bar exponentially higher than last year…

I continually learn to appreciate Reno and all it has to offer, and there’s nothing quite as fantastic as a glorious sunrise burning away the pink and orange tinted clouds as your day begins. My heart goes out to those who have to sleep during the day and work at night because I think they miss the best part of the day: breakfast. No, no! But in all seriousness I find a sunrise as something curing and powerful: a physical manifestation of the beginning of a new day, fresh opportunities, and the ability to mold your day into something great.

2014-01-07 16.58.02

We are only granted so much time to make the most of our lives, and I find the sunrise to be a wonderful crash course reminder of that fact. It’s a great chance to let go of the anxieties from yesterday or to thoroughly enjoy the great things that occurred. A fresh set of 24 hours granted to every person. 1440 minutes of untainted time just waiting to be harvested for the greater good of self, society, and sleep!

Space has always fascinated me: a dark, endless realm stretching beyond our imaginations that thrills and taunts us to try and understand it. How much more amazing is the giant fireball glowing and shimmering in our galaxy that provides us with just the right balance of warmth, sunlight, and life sustaining Vitamin D? It’s simply incredible and every morning there it is, cresting the majestic Sierra Nevada’s in all of its glory, raining down optimistic orange and red fingers painting their way across the valley. It’s truly a sight worth seeing.

Nature, in all of its fascinating glory, is a constant reminder to us of how to live our lives – with renewed enthusiasm every morning. Happy Monday!


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