Why Friday is F#@%1ng Awesome

Oh, it’s Friday and the rain is coming down! Hip hip hooray!  Friday, in and of itself needs no introduction, and we have arrived in fantastic style. Here are some reasons today is just phenomenal:

  • There’s a dash of rain that is providing some hope to the parched northern Nevada/California area
  • The new “300” comes out in exactly one week
  • U2 is playing on the bloody radio
  • Everything feels sexier on Friday
  • My huge project at work is off to a flying success
  • I broke 37 hours of triathlon training for February
  • My peanut butter and jelly sandwich is delicious
  • Volbeat is only 40 days away
  • It’s Friday
  • You know you have a loyal companion when you’re in the kitchen stuffing your face with a midnight snack out of a Tupperware and your furry friend is right along side you mopping the floor with their tongue. Ahhhh, it was meant to be :D

Enjoy your weekend people! Stay safe. Don’t do anything stupid. File your taxes on time. Play video games with your friends. Take naps.


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