It’s All About Perspective

The joyous weekly ritual of Taco Tuesday has arrived! Yum.

Madness is once again filling our lives. Russia and Ukraine are butting heads, Daylight Savings Time is fast approving (thank goodness), and we are bombarded more and more each day with media, social or otherwise, and news channels full of crap. It’s an interesting time to be alive, isn’t it?

The theme surrounding my life, and that of my friends, is that of great uncertainty and WHAT THE DEVIL ARE WE DOING WITH OURSELVES?! Everyone’s perspective seems to be skewing, mostly as I have hypothesized because we are entering our late 20’s, and the relationships that were so sure and stable in our early 20’s are changing in drastic and sometimes unrecognizable ways. College is officially a thing of the distant past, and although our foundation remains, change is a comin’.

As any good optical illusion will teach you, there is always more than meets the eye, and even the slightest change in perspective can impact the entire picture that you see. For me, the illusion is that everything will always stay the same. I expect change in careers and life but it is always friendship changes that sting the most. Not all changes are bad and some are necessary, even critical, but it always feels difficult as people ebb and flow throughout one’s life, sometimes passing through in the blink of an eye and other times lingering like a massive ocean.

I keep in touch quite regularly with one (1) single friend from 1996. Prior to that, not so much. It’s a joy to see him kicking ass in law enforcement, growing and developing as a human, and making the effort to stay in contact with me as well. High school buddies have come and gone, although they are all technically within reach of the interwebs at the flick of the wrist, but it is so easy to let those relationships slip. Even from my college days, people have moved, gotten married, had kids, done all three, and just spread out and away from my normal communication circles. I don’t think that I resent the changes, but I would argue that no one has really figured out how to adjust.


So the moral of the story is I am learning to change my perspective. Instead of things being great or awful, lame or wonderful, I’m aiming more for just enjoying it all. I seem to tackle these great revelations in waves, and often three or four times a year, which simply means I either A) I am a slow learner or B) I haven’t actually understood how to implement this in my life. I suppose both are equally viable.

Perspective is one of the most powerful tools one has in their possession. An IRONMAN is simply a combination of swimming, biking, and running, work is a combination of tasks, projects, menial and high skill items, thinking, and communicating, and hobbies consist of a shared activity that lights up your creative juices and gives you insight into a realm you aren’t normally exposed to. In the blink of an eye your perspective can swing like a crushing pendulum, but it’s important to keep it as aligned as possible. Ups and downs are normal. A life full of change is normal. Growing up is normal. Feeling confused is normal. EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! Outbursts from the Lego movie are normal.

A life full of high hopes and big dreams is one worth living. I hope you’ve got at least a few huge goals for the next year or two. It makes life so much more… refreshing.

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