Spring Inspiration for the Uninspired

It’s the first day of spring and it is less than glorious outside. Sure, it will be in the 60s, but there isn’t a green, fresh batch of flora springing up from the dessert landscape, and I certainly don’t feel energized. Swim days are usually the shot in the arm that always gets me charged for tackling work and other responsibilities. Today and Tuesday, however, I just want to crawl back into bed and hide from the world.

It’s very unlike me to be dragging through my morning workouts like this, but I feel as if I can hardly function today. Needless to say, one of my friends is more zombie-like than I today with his “whole” 2 hours of sleep. Maybe I won’t complain as much…

Here’s some steps to finding inspiration when I’m feeling bleak.

  1. Plan Something in the Future – There is nothing quite as refreshing as establishing a new finish line or two for yourself as you plow through the daily chaotic jungle of Cubicle Land, surviving tax season, or even just  keeping a careful balance between friends and family. We all need a dose of freshness in our lives, and while Febreze is a great start, that won’t quite cut it.
  2. Sharpen Your Saw – When life is drab and boring, find new ways to build knowledge, create a new skill, or just indulge in a great new book. The downtimes in our lives, rare as they are, are incredibly underappreciated. We (myself too) typically cram 13 billion tasks onto our to-do list when really we only have an opening for five (not billion). Next time you get 15 free minutes, research a new book worth reading, take a stroll to ponder how cool the cyclical nature of seasons is, or go talk to a coworker about their courses as they pursue their JD.
  3. Don’t Forget to Live a Little – Work is wonderful, amazing, and a necessity – but it also isn’t the end all. Make sure that you are living life outside of the office whether it’s a great new hiking adventure, cooking fajitas with friends, or breathing in fresh air along the river, find your place and spend time there. Just be sure to make it your time. I find that turning my cell phone off is a welcome relief and so empowering. Nothing is as stress-free as a four hour bike ride that quickly turns into a half day of not checking my phone, even once, because I’m busy. I even highly encourage turning off your phone several hours before bed. It’s great! Distraction free winding down time.


Friday is nearly here. Will your weekend be crazy busy like last weekend or will you at least take a few minutes to find some calm solace for the madness in your life? Fortunately, race season is nearly upon us. What a relief that will be …

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