4 Ways Successful People Use Plans

Tacos!!!! YES! The yumminess that is Mexican food has a warm place in my heart (and tummy) and I plan on making a mountain of the scrumptious treats tonight.

Naturally, the first day of April brings snow to the mountains and cold weather to the valley. Better late than never. Triathlon season will kick off in fashion on Saturday so one can only hope that it warms up to at least the 70’s to make for a more enjoyable morning. While the vast majority of racing is between May and September, these early season races always keep me on my toes.

There’s a faint buzz and hum associated with April. Each year I dust off the wetsuit, prep my slick steed of wheeled, powering, aerodynamic fury, and equip my retardedly expensive running shoes with laces that don’t need to be tied. It’s tradition. It’s superstition. It’s my favorite time of the training season!

So, what is it that successful people do?

    1. Make a Plan – You don’t need the perfect plan. Far from it! You just need a plan that gives you a basis for establishing your base and one which allows you to set off on new and dangerous adventures from there. I like having a plan for the week, the month, and the year, after that it’s a little too hazy. At that point I line up goals along my wall and start tossing darts…
    2. Follow the Plan – Plans are there for a reason! They are meant to be followed. In this instance, I would argue that it’s best to follow the spirit of the plan not necessarily the letter of the plan (business law anyone?) because life happens. Work gets in the way. Family emergencies occur out of the blue. And sometimes you just need to deviate for your own sanity.
    3. Adapt the Plan – If I had to guess, I would say that approximately 99.9732546% (ballpark figure) of the time, my plan will change long before I get close to the end of my action items. Usually, my plan changes 10, 20, or 40% of the way into it. It happens! I’ve written about change a rather disgusting amount and for good reason, life is just jam-packed full of change! Let it happen.
    4. Abandon the Plan – Perhaps the toughest thing to do in life is admit when you have a lousy plan, acknowledge that your plan has you in over your head, or that in order to save your sanity you must abandon ship with the gumption and integrity required  to admit your failings while still salvaging the situation. The best laid plans so often EXPLODE IN YOUR FACE! Now, I won’t suggest that you drop your plan like a bad nail biting habit, but it may require some serious re-evaluation. Plans won’t always happen how you assume (or hope) and the ones that do, well, congratulations. For the rest of us strapped into reality, additions, subtractions, and the overall game plan will change – and it will change often!


I hope that April and the second quarter of the year brings you great things. The ride is about to get bumpy but it’s going to be a freaking riot! Hang on to your britches!



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