Foundations of Trust for Life

I hope that the weekend treated you all well! Between Captain America, smoking my season triathlon opener, many delicious meals, and a great road trip, I was pretty swamped. Also, there is an inkling of warm, spring weather on the horizon. Did someone say great training weather!? It was a great and yet exhausting weekend, and left me time while in the kitchen cooking to think about trust and patterns established around it. Trust is integral in our lives from all aspects between work and play

Trust Your Training – Whether you’re an engineer, astronaut, or triathlete-wanna-be-ninja, your training will (and should) serve you well. Training helps to establish patterns, create positive mindsets when confronting the unknown, and instills confidence for when times get sticky. The ability to press forward even when your body or mind fight back is a skill worth having, and one not readily sought after. It’s uncomfortable and can be very not fun pressing forward through the thick of things. There are times to turn back, but more often than not there are opportunities to continue onward! Trust your overall goals not how you feel within a single moment. Emotions can be tricky things (the sneaks!)

Trust Your Instincts – If it walks like a duck and looks like a duck and sounds like a duck then clearly it’s a triathlon! Errr, that’s not it… I would not by any means say that your instincts are always accurate, however, their track record is rather impressive.  When the sun lasers into your eyes in between buoys one and two and your instincts tell you to find your bearings and then press on, you should listen to them! And who knows, perhaps you’ll lose most of the swim field and streak ahead out on top. Instincts are a result of your training and your life experiences, and while they may need to be taken with a grain of salt, many could argue that more often than not they will serve you well.

Trust Your Heart – The heart is an absolutely incredible muscle, especially in regards to how it can transform and adjust to the activities in your life. Jam enough fat soaked fries into your gut, and your heart plugs up like a sink full of shaved Wookie hair! But push yourself to new limits, constantly mix up your physical activities, and feed yourself heart-healthy foods and your cardiovascular pump of life-fueling goodness will be rock solid, cranking out the red (or blue) stuff in a fascinating manner. Americans are very stressed these days, and I’m certainly one of them, but I find that taking your stress out through physical activities is the healthiest (emotionally and physically) way to maintain balance. Your body adapts to almost anything you can throw at it and I find that I can be more productive in the other areas in my life when my stress is managed.


Here’s to a great week and a productive Monday. “Remember, concentrate on the moment. Feel, don’t think. Trust your instincts.” Name that movie!

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