A Poem of Thoughts

Today is Hump Day,

The best of them all!

It accelerates the work week,

When it slows to a crawl.

Green eggs and ham,

For breakfast I ate.

I’m gearing up for work,

Let’s hope I’m not late.


My stomach is growling,

Oh, what a shame!

I will scarf some tacos,

And extinguish the hunger flame.

The days evaporate in a blur,

Anticipating weekend training,

I heartily concur.


Friends and family,

Come and go as they please.

Pancakes and waffles bring food devouring ease.

A vacation is coming,

It must be near.

A race in St. George,

No need to fear.

70.3 miles of triathlon glory,

I may have a great end to that race story.


The weekend approaches,

We must not be scared!

Productivity and cleaning,

Leave you impaired.

Seize the day and live like a whiz.

Tomorrow has no guarantee,

Except death and taxes, that is.  


Happy Hump Day!

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