The Courage to Begin; The Tenacity to Succeed

I will just pretend that I’ve been faithfully blogging multiple times a week and that I actually haven’t missed several days in a row :-) I’m hot off of a killer race in St. George (70.3) and have been riding that high all the way through the week. Despite some minor setbacks with my hydration post-race and a long, mind-numbing drive home, things have been top notch and it is still early in the racing season!

It is always great to reap the benefits of efforts that have been well-sown. Any long-term goals that require planning, effort, dedication, and commitment to something out of one’s comfort zone can be very taxing, and it is often easy to forget how rewarding the journey itself, not just the outcome, is.

Discomfort/manageable pain are reminders that are you living life, stretching, bending, exploring Final Frontiers, and adventuring out well beyond the confines of your normal livelihood. To most, 56 miles is a pretty far bike ride, certainly not one to be taken lightly, and only around the time that the lactic acid begins to build in your bulging quads do you really begin to feel alive! That, and having to run a half marathon afterwards should always bring some kind of excitement…


[Click image for full panorama.]

Today is short and sweet, but always keep the end in mind. Facing the starting line of major endeavors takes guts, plowing through the thick and the thin requires a sense of purpose and drive, and plowing onwards through to the finish line requires a laser-like focus, grit, iron will, and the need to achieve no matter the cost. And an extra PB&J or two never killed anyone either…

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