Monster Mash-up

Hello Friends!

It’s Friday yet again. Ah, can you feel it? The sun beating down on you as you drive home with your windows down and the warm air baking you as you blast down the highway headed for weekend adventures. All is right with the world, especially when chicken tacos are your weapon of choice for lunch.

This time of year brings fantastic things. Great racing, wonderful weather, delicious BBQ with friends, copious amounts of watermelon, and lake adventures. It’s a time when people are cheerier, more excited for life, and actually bring their professional/personal lives back into balance. They use vacation, plan exciting trips, pursue epic journeys, and go to the movies.
Two monstrous things are happening this weekend.

First, training begins up at Lake Tahoe for the IRONMAN in September. I plan to know every inch of that course, and sweat and bleed across all 112 miles of the bike and 26.2 miles of the run many, many times before the grand Sunday in September. It offers some of the greatest scenery around, while crushing your soul with some of the most challenging terrain from a bike. It’s totally awesome that I have the race venue in my backyard and get to practice! And practice I shall… I’ve packed my training food, bike, and all of the gear required for a five hour training day at the lake. Bam!

Godzilla 2014

Second, Godzilla comes out and oh my gosh, HAVE YOU SEEN THE TRAILER! Pacific Rim meets a giant raging lizard full of doom, smashy things, spiked death, and a swinging tail carving destruction. I’ve always loved Godzilla, especially King Kong vs. Godzilla, but this new movie is built on fear, terror, and is everything Cloverfield failed to be. The great monster movies aren’t necessarily the most action packed (read: Alien) but they are the ones that grab you by the heart and scare the crap out of you. Godzilla is going to be a wild ride… and seeing it in IMAX 3D may actually stop my heart. I love a great monster movie, and we are long, loooong overdue for one that makes it into the history books. Pacific Rim is my favorite movie from last year, and I’ve got high hopes for this summer, especially after Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Enjoy the ride this weekend. We are plowing ahead into summer with nothing but the sunshine and one full work week between us and Memorial Day. It’s all a glorious ride from there!




  1. Russell. DID YOU SEE GODZILLA?!?!?! It was epic. Also, good luck on all your training at Tahoe for September! You’re gonna kill it, I know it!

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