How You Know You’re Getting Old(er)

I’m just going to pretend that I’ve been consistently writing articles for my blog and that I haven’t been MIA for the better part of two weeks… now, with that disclaimer, Happy Friday!

I consider myself young and vibrant – heck, I’m getting ready for a 70mile race this weekend – but it has been dawning on me over the past months that I’m not quite as young as I think I am. I was chatting on the phone with a friend who I have known the better part of 13 years, and they were saying how crazy it is all their friends are getting pregnant. Agreed, and in addition, it doesn’t help that I’ve been to almost 13 weddings in three years. What the heck people!? Why is everyone doing grown up things at the same time?!

What really did me in was my sentiment surrounding the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I know, I know, how can LOTR make you long for the past and make you feel old? Well, here is exactly how! LOTR was the definitive movie trilogy of my high school career. The Fellowship of the Ring charged onto screens just a few mere months after entering the high school world, and Frodo and company led the charge with great gusto and mind-blowing special effects. This was “back in the day” when we had to wait a WHOLE FREAKING YEAR for the super, ultra-extended, crazy collectible version to be released just a month before the Two Towers was released. Now days, if the movies don’t hit shelves within a month or two, it’s curtains! Between BitTorrent, downloading digital versions of your movies, and needing to have films available on all your crazy mobile devices, we live in a very different media-consuming world.

What really clued me into this reality is that I put in the official LOTR soundtrack the other day and its thunderous melodies soon found their way throughout my house as I was pretending to clean. Needless to say, the memories came flooding back in a torrent! I am a lover of music, being a trumpeter certainly helps, but I just found myself thinking of the good times that have passed in a blur, and oh so many years ago. The Lord of the Rings captures every emotion known to mankind – joy, sorrow, pain, happiness, melancholy – the list goes on. Tolkien was truly a man ahead of his time to write something to powerful and so influential.

I remember with fondness gathering at the movie theater with all of my buddies to see what the next 3.5 hour epic would unveil for our young, creative minds (note: naturally we had all read the books before the movies had come out – please!). It was definitely one of the high points of my teen years…

Enough reminiscing! So I’m thrust back into reality, thinking that “kids these days” don’t even realize how different a measly ten years can wait. I never upgraded to the Bluray LOTR collection, and really don’t plan on doing so. The fact that I can’t watch those movies on my phone or PC at my beck and call probably terrifies some of the teeny boppers, let alone the fact that people weren’t texting in the movie theater when the Great Saga was unleashed upon the world. That’s right, TEXTING WAS NOT REALLY A THING IN 2001! Regardless, it was fun to think about where I’ve come since then, and how I’ve grown as a guy (man still sounds so … grown up). I have no doubt there are great and glorious times ahead, and I look forward to them but that doesn’t prevent me from pining from the days of yesteryear. I miss many of my friends, I miss outdoor swim practice in the Vegas heat, and I miss the good times of the early 2000’s. I don’t, however, miss living at home :P


The irony in all of this is that my friends and I swore to never get old and yet here we are… I’m going to spend my weekend doing “young things” and I hope you all do as well. It’s glorious weather out there!



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