How to Participate In Long Course Triathlon

Happy Friday one and all. I have no excuse for my lack of blog posts – life has consumed me between work and Lake Tahoe training. Next week begins my five week epic grind toward the starting line of the 140.6 race – 17, 18, 19, 19.5, and 20 hour training weeks respectively. Ouch!

This post was originally supposed to make it online the day after Vineman 70.3. Obviously, that didn’t happen but here goes anyway – some of the Do’s and Don’ts of long course racing :-)

Photo from TriFreaks.


·         Photo journal your adventures with food along the way preparing for the big shebang.

·         Offer friendly advice to the first timers who have the deer in the headlights eye balls. They just want to be loved :O)

·         Undertrain and over prepare.

·         Check your gear bags a minimum of four times (x4).

·         Ask questions of those around you – it’s not worth making a wrong assumption to avoid looking “foolish.”

·         Thank as many volunteers as you can!

·         Be appreciative of those who are supporting you (whether in person or virtually tracking).

·         Always, always, ALWAYS move forward even if you have to walk or crawl. Going backwards is depressing and a surefire way to crash physically and emotionally.

·         Make a plan. Practice the plan. Implement the plan. Throw the plan away when it goes awry (and it always does in some shape or fashion).

·         Put in the time to do well in your event. To a certain extent, you are the master of your own destiny. Hop on it!

·         Make a checklist that you can print out and physically go over while you’re packing. It makes it so much easier! Skin tight triathlon race kit – check [yikes!]

Don’t :

·         Do not EVER wear the shirt from the event priorto actually finishing it. It’s bad luck. It makes you look ridiculous (since you’re surrounded by 2500 people who obviously know you’re doing the same race), and frankly, you haven’t earned it yet. Don’t be “that” guy…

·         Don’t ever brag about past race accomplishments unless someone specifically asks you what you have done.

·         Don’t tell other racers your goal times – they don’t care unless they ask – and really, no one other than you cares either.

·          Don’t assume that because you’ve done a triathlon before that you know what you’re doing. I’ve seen plenty of idiots forget all kinds of “basics” such as water bottles, nutrition, even their wetsuit. Take each long course race like it’s your first.

·         Don’t forget your food and hydration!!

·         Don’t do anything new on race day. ANYTHING. AT ALL! JUST DON’T!!!!

·         Don’t forget to have fun.




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