Why August is Totally Awesome

Happy first day of August! August is great, although July seems to usually be busier. 31 days full of summer glory and the last full remaining month before fall takes over. Thank goodness!

·         It’s almost September (best month of the year).

·         It’s nearly IRONMAN time!

·         August will have five Fridays, five Saturdays, and five Sundays. That’s fun! (Note: there is a myth that this happens every 823 years. False!http://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/823-years.html)

·         All the little people go back to school. Whahaha! >:-)

·         Baseball season heats up as the preparation for playoffs begins.

·         The weather is still nice enough to float the river, assuming there’s enough water ;(

·         While summer begins to fade away, there is still plenty of daylight left. 8 PM bike rides anyone!?

·         BBQ tastes just as good in August as in does any other month of the year.

·         Most of the major blockbuster movies for the year have already come out so it’s time to enjoy some sleeper hits (or catch up on video games).

·         My cyclist tan lines continue on!

·         It is time to start planning a vacation/reality escape in the fall

·         Instead of 100 degrees it is usually a much more manageable 90ish

·         Hot August Nights – thank you, classic cars!http://www.hotaugustnights.net/

·         The inkling that college football is around the corner begins to creep back into the world.

·         It’s National Goat Cheese month:http://blog.artisanalcheese.com/national-goat-cheese-month/301

·         Many special days also occur in August (source: Wikipedia)

o   1 August is Swiss National Day.

o   6 August is Independence Day in Jamaica since 1962.

o   9 August is the National Day of Singapore.

o   15 August is Indian Independence Day since 1947.

o   14 August is Pakistan’s Independence Day since 1947.

o   17 August is Indonesia’s Independence Day since 1945

o   The Philippines celebrates National Heroes Day in commemoration of the First Cry of the Philippine Revolution on August 23, 1896.

o   24 August is Independence Day in Ukraine since 1991.

o   27 August is Moldova National Day

o   31 August is the National Day of Malaysia.

o   It’s a great time to buy new running shoes!!


So there you have it, plenty of reasons to celebrate August! Happy Friday.




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