10 Reasons Why Swimming is the Best Medicine

Hot off of a back-to-back race weekend, I was more than happy to retire my running shoes and bike cleats (only for a 24 hour break) and got to thoroughly enjoy my Monday and *gasp* actually spent time with my dog! What a concept :-|

I’m not going to lie; I am slightly depressed that I have finished all of my triathlons prior to the big granddaddy of the year: IRONMAN Lake Tahoe. It was a year ago, and what a brief year, that I signed up for that race and now it is nearly here, towering over me yet again with the imposing stature of a 140.6 mile mountain. My calendar has my workouts scribbled all over it, I have begun flagging days as “don’t make any plans!”, and I can only think and prepare as the day draws nearer.

I do find great solace in that my training and attitude toward the race are all controllable, and that can be a very empowering thought. When push comes to shove, I will be prepared for the repercussions. They are mine and mine alone to handle…

I am a swimmer at heart, thanks to my mother (note: my father would not share mine and my mother’s love for the water). The pool is home to me, in a much different context now than when I was six, but the principles are the same. There’s just something healthy and healing about the water surrounding you. It can be soothing; it can be relaxing; pff, it can even eat you alive and spit you back out in a limp, exhausted form! And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why swimming is the best. And below, you will find 10 solid reasons for swimming being the trump card of all exercises.

  • There are no problems that swimming can’t fix. Shoulders stiff? Go swim. Hips out of whack? Go swim.
  • Feeling drained of energy and lifeless? Go swim.
  • Want to get bigger shoulders? Go swim. Looking to shred your abs? Go swim. Tired of chicken legs? You get the idea…
  • Need a good aerobic workout? Hit the pool. Hoping to spike your anaerobic threshold? Go shred some 125 repeats ‘til you can’t breathe.
  • Cat got your tongue in the latest argument you’ve started with someone? GET IN THE POOL!
  • Feet killing you after hauling your butt over a 15 mile run? The pool has a remedy for that. Get that blood flowing back into your legs!
  • Feeling underappreciated at work? You guessed it – pool time!
  • Need to burn off some angst from your personal or professional world? Knock out a 3000 yard swim.
  • Feeling like you aren’t going anywhere in life? Go swim across Donner Lake and then crush a breakfast burrito.
  • Having a hard time prioritizing challenges, coming up with helpful solutions, and overall feeling like you are worth your salt? Spend some quality quiet time in the blue oasis, honing your focus on breathing, your stroke, and the multi-colored swim lanes and flags overhead. You are the master of your own destiny at that point! The solution will present itself in good time


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So there you have it, the 10 reasons why swimming is just the best. Have a safe Tuesday, and enjoy all this August rain (if you’re in Reno)!



  1. I love hearing your joy about the water. But it’s not that I WOULDN’T share your love for the water but rather COULDN’T cuz I can’t swim, silly.

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