Unpleasant Office Fails We Could Do Without

Everyone loves a good bit of office drama, especially because there’s so much to go around! You spend 40+ hours of your life each week with your colleagues and of course shenanigans will occur. Multiply that by 50 weeks and you’ve got yourself 2000 jam-packed and emotionally fulfilling hours of joyous, employee mirth. That, and you get some of the craziest happenstances ever to be recorded by mankind…. Did you hear about Betty Sue?! Oh man…

You are stapling documents at a nice, competitive clip (come on bonus for being the Speediest Stapler in the Southwest!) when you come upon a 20+ page document. Naturally, you clutch the black shiny object preparing to infuse your silvery, pointed items of destruction into the defenseless, fibrous material holding printed words, only to wind up with a document that is unstapled, a staple that did not fully puncture the paper, and a frustrated employee. You quickly whip out the staple puller and repeat the process a minimum of three more times before finally conceding defeat and moving on. It would’ve been so much simpler to use the monster staple machine equivalent to a small pile driver.

That moment when your favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwich gets lodged in your esophagus because you ate too fast…ow. And now you’re feeling foolish and not enjoying your favorite treat.

The instantaneous stopping of your heart because you missed a meeting, blew an important assignment, or said something stupid out loud. And yes, that rushing feeling in your veins is the adrenaline trying to prevent further stupidity and moronic behavior. You then run into an inanimate object and further humility triumphs the day.

When you smash the CEO of your company with a big, heavy, wooden door. Yes, this happened to me years ago – in front of a girl I was trying to impress… neither scenario worked in my favor.


It’s Friday and everyone is excited. Hope the weekend treats you well! Be wary of those office shenanigans…now, if I could just find my red Swingline stapler…

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