Legos: Building Blocks of Imagination

Happy Friday! Ah, what a great occasion it is and the weather will be cool and Fall-like all weekend. Thank goodness!

The week has just zipped along, mostly because I have been busy, and hopefully this weekend will be a time to unwind and just exist. I’ve had some refreshingly available time to get back into reading, enjoying life, and pretty much doing everything that I wanted to do all year except swim, bike, and run.


It was amidst this new-found free time that I rediscovered my love for the plastic, yellow toys that bring creativity, inspiration, and a truly unlimited combination of fun, action, and adventure. Unfortunately, my childhood home is no longer intact, which brought me about to the rediscovery of my childhood memories. Physically, it still stands, but for my purposes, it is no longer in the family. With that comes a fair deal of melancholy and bittersweet memories, but the plus is that I received my giant box of Legos, accumulated over the past 28 years of my life, and that has brought about a fun, new twist on the ever-darkening world as we plow on towards the ominous time change. Oh, how I hate when the sun sets at 4:30 :(


I’d forgotten how simple and yet satisfying it is digging through 4000 plastic blocks, each with interlocking properties that unlock new pieces of the imagination. Who says space pirates can’t have pet dragons? And remind me again why it’s not OK that knights in shining armor ride hover craft into battle? The simple fact of the matter is that Legos are the single most amazing invention ever. Do some research into their technology sometime. Incredible! A small human I was hanging out with was fascinated that my pieces, which date back to the 1990s, interlocked with his (circa 2014). Oh, the wonders of genius creativity! How the heck does someone manufacture the perfectly sized Lego pips for decades of construction opportunities!? Amazing.

Good luck picking out the pieces!



Legos are the perfect stress reliever. They help get the creative juices flowing and there is always a finished product to be proud of, no matter how strange or unorthodox. It’s hard to argue with an interlocking building set that both 7 year olds and 70 year olds can both play with and come up with totally opposite creations that impress the other. There have been many instances when one builder enthusiastically snatches a construction piece or three out of the hands of another unsuspecting builder just because they really need to add their lightsaber to the underwater submarine captain’s hands. Sharing is caring – sharing Legos is optional. Always optional.


I’ve got high hopes for the next two days off of work, and plan to cash in both on reading and creative building time. This new-found obsession might also land me in Toys R Us this weekend too… O;-) I also love that it supports my photography. Annnnnd, Thunderstruck just popped up on Pandora. EPIC Friday.



  1. Love it. Next year instead of watching U of NV lose in some football classic, let’s build dad-son Lego Combo. Or using a few frames at a time, we could make our first Aaron Classic Epic (A.C.E.) Lego Animated Video.

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