Getting My Act Together

I have finally resurrected my running legs – after a very long and arduous three months – and boy, am I paying the price today! Everything hurts, even though I’ve kept up with biking, and I can feel my swollen, aching tendons yelling at me for treating them cruelly.

I’m only about 7 weeks overdue for a blog, 2015 is well underway, and I’m finally dusting off the cobwebs for what is about to be a very busy year. I’m looking forward to triathlon training motivation, a few trips here and there, plus a major or event in two (TBD) before December.


Work has flown by at a blistering pace. It is, after all, January 19th, and let’s be honest, it’s only a few measly months until the Fourth of July! TIME TO PLAN! I’ve been blessed with a wonderful start to the year, and look forward to many great things. My ultimate goal is to figure out time management. If I’m exercising, eating well, and seeing friends that means I’m not doing the dishes, cleaning, or walking my dog ;( It’s a very hard balance to strike, and the chaos has hardly started yet!

A few goals for the year:

·         Reclaim my IRONMAN – Lake Tahoe being cancelled really rained on my parade. I spent over 500 hours getting ready for that thing and I am back with a vengeance. Granted, not being able to secure your “season high” on an A really takes the wind out of your sails. I’ve been putzing around the gym lifting and doing the occasional yoga exercises, but it’s time to rediscover my routine.

·         Treat my dog to something great – I really need to find a way to reward my dog for being so patient with me. She’s spent a great many days being locked in the kennel for far too long, mostly because I’ve been working and then running around with my head cut off, but she still has an unlimited amount of love. I want to get her new toys (that she won’t eat), and get back into the routing of taking her for walks. Especially with my new camera lens, there are plenty of adventures that await.

·         Work hard, but not too hard – I have a lot this year that I want to get done, and I need to find a way to carve out the time and just make it happen. I get excited when the momentum at work turns into finalized products. It’s reward (to everyone) to see the fruits of our labors.

I hope 2015 is a joyous and wonderful year full of trials, good memories, laughing, and delicious food. For me, I would also like to start cranking out one blog a week (again). Happy Monday.

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