Balance Is Like Breakfast… It’s Required

Welcome to month two of 2015 – you’re 1/12th (8.3%) of the way done with the year! Time for the NYE party favors? Let’s hope not…

February, although bleak and often wrought with snow and lousy weather, is joyous because it officially makes the beginning of (my) triathlon season. Every year for me, February 1st is practically a holiday! I no longer am allowed to make excuses; I force myself to dust off my running shoes, part ways with my holiday blubber, and establish my six-day-a-week grind to my big A race for the year. For 2015, it’s going to be a very brief season. It’s all over by July 27th … that won’t be such a bad thing. Last year, the February through September stint was a bit much, although I had some great races along the way.

This year shall keep me very busy outside of the racing realm, and as any good training book will tell you, you need to alter a string of tough weeks with an easy week, a string of tough months with an easy month, and a string of tough years with an easy(ish) year. That time has come! While I will certainly missing racing 8 or 9 different times this year, my work project will keep me honest as it is already giving me a run for my money.

Balance, like breakfast, is the key to everything. It sets your tone, establishes your foundation, energizes you for the trials ahead, and just makes you feel great. That being said, balance is a hard thing to come by… ask anyone who has any kind of commitment to anything – you’re always sacrificing one thing so that you can excel in the next. Constantly changing priorities, commitments, and varying the always-packed-to-the-brim calendar. Sleep? What’s that?!


A few new tricks I’m going to try this year to maintain my balance:

1.       Do the absolute minimum possible that still allows me to excel – No, this doesn’t mean I’m lazy, it means I need to do just enough to still kick butt in whatever it is, but that it still leaves me room for everything else. I plan on doing just enough so that I am at the top of my game in my triathlons, continue to crank out quality work projects, and maintain the other loose ends so that I have a fulfilling social life to boot.

2.       Take an hour every day to enjoy my accomplishments – Yea, I pretty much never do this, so it seems like a worthy exercise to enjoy the big (and little) things that I got done during the day.

3.       Not worry so much – This will, without a doubt, be the most difficult thing for me to do. I practically live my life worrying about everything. What to eat, when to go to bed, what to do with the dog, how to keep the dog happy, when am I training, when am I sleeping, when am I seeing my friends, when am I getting groceries, on and on… it will be a wonderful exercise in discipline to execute a battle plan of NOT WORRYING.

2015, like any fresh year, will bring its own challenges, but I’m ready for them! Ready or not, balance, here I come!

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