The Unwavering Power of Yet

Happy Friday! I don’t think there’s much room to doubt summer’s arrival… it’s going to be 90 degrees today!


Today is short and sweet. IRONMAN is nearly upon me and the final four hardcore weeks have begun followed by three torturous taper weeks, where you let your body recover but you drive your emotional state of mind into a tizzy! LET’S GET THIS OVER WITH ALREADY.


I love summer and I love race season – both always provide ample opportunities outside of the cold of winter or the football-packed fall season. I do much better in life when I have a few (or a few too many) goals and forward-thinking plans or escapades that give me guidance, direction, and a long-term view of the future. Sure, things change, but it’s more relaxing to me to know that I am utilizing my time than for me to wonder what’s next with a very empty calendar staring back at me.


Yet is a word, whose power and meaning may oft be overlooked, but it is a very important often conveying progress, forward motion, a desire of completeness, and many other positive connotations.

This isn't the Yet(i) you're looking for.
This isn’t the Yet(i) you’re looking for.

Use #1: Convey Progressiveness


“Have you passed your certification test?” No, not yet, but I’m doing X, Y, Z to prepare for it. I am taking the appropriate steps to pass the test and the end is in sight.


“Have you qualified for the IRONMAN World Championships?” Not yet! :-) But I’m laying the foundational work…


Use #2: Convey Annoyance and Urgency


“Are you done yet??” “No, I’m not done.” No one really likes when someone burns them with this question, especially when it is asked out of line and in an impatient manner. There are much better ways to ask the status of something…


Use case #1 allows the speaker the benefit of the doubt and gives them the ability to speak to what they are doing to finish the process, goal, etc.  Use case #2 only conveys negativity, annoyance, and a need for an update. Granted, proactive people should already have an update put together… B-)


The idea of yet provides far more motivation and leeway than the thought of no, not yet. Yet allows for hope, challenge, success, and constant improvement. Not yet just creates dwelling on things that haven’t been completed, an idea of failure or lack of success, and quite often paints a misrepresented picture of incompleteness, sometimes unfairly. That, or you’re caught red handed in a very unprepared state. The caveat being that, of course, there are times when someone needs to ask if something is done yet :D


So on this glorious Friday, I bid that you all cavort about your offices with glee and merriment – the weekend is yet upon us! Convey your progress with your dreams and goals, enjoy the weather, and eat delicious food. Success depends upon it!

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