Lesson: Selfishness – Don’t Do It

I can be a very selfish person – I have a strict workout schedule I follow, I have expectations of my friends, my dog, my fiancée, and I have expectations as to how my wedding is going to turn out. I have to eat within a certain time-frame or I turn into the Hulk, and if things don’t go according to plan, I tend to overreact, panic, jump up and down, throw things, or contemplate moving to Montana. Sure, it’s human nature to be selfish, but I’m particularly good at it. Ironically, along with being selfish, I also don’t take care of myself over others. That’s a bad combo…

I’m getting married in 19 days, 5 hours, and 16 minutes (as of this writing), and there are days when I feel that that information entitles me to be more selfish than normal. Granted, I don’t use it for things like taking care of myself, sleeping extra, or you know, relaxing. Instead, I cram my schedule full of all kinds of blood-pressure raising activities, packing every waking minute with planning, list making, and helping out every which way.

All that said, I got an unexpected email from United Blood Services. They are always after O- donors because of their applications and primary use in baby blood transfusions, so it was no surprise to me that they reached out. What was a jolt to me was that they asked me to defer my donation scheduled for this week until late next week so that someone they’ve pre-selected would be able to use my blood. That was a welcome slice of humble pie and one that allowed me to realize that my “problems” aren’t even problems – I have nothing to complain about. It gives you a true perspective when something we take for granted (read: living) is in fact a precious treasure for someone else (a tiny baby clinging to life). And here I was complaining that I already had to take an hour out of my “busy” life to go donate blood in the first place. Shame on me!

Such a simple event altered my perspective, certainly for the day, but also the coming weeks. We may never know when, how, or why we impact other people’s lives, but why not accept the gauntlet when it is given to us? It would be a gross travesty to pass on such a great opportunity to help others with grace, humility, and an offering of something that truly costs us nothing except our time. And time, well, time keeps on spinning – it’ll be here long after I am gone :-) Here’s to helping others instead of ourselves. “Find the Hero in You!” Happy Hump Day!


  1. You’re the same blood type as I am! :) I sniffle through my donations every 2 months not good with blood or needles) only because I know it saves babies and cancer patients. That’s touching that you KNOW yours is going to an immediate need! Congrats on the wedding! I am sure it’ll be wonderful!

  2. Do you remember the old kids church song?

    J – O – Y
    J – O – Y
    This is what it means.
    Jesus first
    and Yourself last
    and Others in between

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