When the Dust Settles

I must admit, I was more than relieved to learn that my website is still standing. We haven’t really been friends lately. More semi friends – acquaintances, if you will. August 19th was a long time ago, and much has happened since then. Well, really, much has just happened in 2015…

We’ll start with the small stuff: Moved after five years. Raced 70 miles uphill in Auburn. Saw my family. Trained for IRONMAN Canada. Froze to death at IRONMAN Canada. Planned a wedding. Didn’t swim for two months because the pool was closed. Took training courses in Lean and Six Sigma. Ran my first trail half marathon with my wife (see big stuff item #1). Went to my ten year high school reunion. Yea…

And the big stuff:

  1. Showed up to the wedding
  2. Got married
  3. Went to Greece

…. Back to reality!

It’s been eight years since I’ve traveled to two countries within the same calendar year, and that was almost cheating since they’re practically neighbors (Australia and New Zealand), so that was neat getting to both Canada and Greece. Hoorah for working the passport! I’ve also never raced 140.6 miles in the rain… That was not so neat. 2015 was a year of planning and buildup. Planning race season and a wedding, and all of the imaginable crazy tension and excitement that can be associated with both. And now here we are – 30 days into a marriage (it’s totally awesome being married) – and now only 80 days until Christmas.

If all good things must come to an end, then the anticlimactic slide has begun. Don’t get me wrong – things are phenomenal! But months and months and months of planning, prepping, scheduling, and just being overloaded with anticipation and now poof – it’s all gone – and life has resumed its course. After my first IRONMAN, I spent the rest of that summer apathetically chasing athletic pursuits and really let the blues and anticlimactic feelings ooze out of me. Granted, I got to spend a gazillion hours with my new dog and camera, which helped to pass the time feeling productive and with a new hobby, and that all worked out OK…I imagine this will too.


For now, while the chaotic weekly schedules and mind numbing lack of sleep have passed, I have new adventures to look forward to, but on a much smaller basis. What kinds of new decorations can we find, what are some great new recipes to try, how do we use those super sharp knives properly so we (I) don’t cut off the ends of our fingers (oops!), how do we mesh our lives together, and perhaps most importantly, how do we establish routines around each other that encourage, allow for pursuit of hobbies independently, and create a sense of accomplish and community? It’s actually fantastic being with someone who enjoys cleaning and doing laundry. I will iron, prep food, and take out the trash until I turn blue in the face if that’s the deal I get. There will be many posts coming up about complementing each other’s strengths, a critical part to any relationship or team. I do the things I’m good at (read: enjoy) and the things that she just loathes to do and vice versa.  It’s a win-win hopefully.

Heading off into the fall and last quarter of 2015, I don’t know what to expect but I know that great things await us all! Here’s to 81 days until freedom from the holidays :P

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