Forcing Excel to Open in New Window

Happy Thursday,

Today is short and sweet. I have been losing my mind every time Excel opens a new document on top of the same Excel window that I was previously working in. This functionality is completely different from what Word does when opening a new document, and frankly, it has been crushing my blood pressure.

Here’s a quick fix so that opening Excel documents will now force them into a new window instead of opening on top of themselves…

Open Excel and click File > Options > Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab > Scroll down to General > Check the ‘Ignore other applications that use ‘Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)‘ box. “ Voilà!


Bonus tip: did you know that pressing F2 will allow you to quickly rename files from your Desktop, Windows Explorer or File Explorer? Try it out!


Look for a new Star Wars blog mañana!


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