Forty Years Later: The Force Has Awoken!

It’s so secret, but just in case there is some uncertainty – Star Wars is one of the greatest things ever made! I’ve written about it numerous times, so I won’t revisit those topics; however, I’m here today because, oh my gosh, the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens has just crushed movie theaters around the globe. Google anything remotely related to ticket sales and you’ll see The Force Awakens blasting like a runaway train through any and all movie records, even the ever-promising release of Jurassic World.

I am a Star Wars nut. I have posters, soundtracks, toys, video games, pillows, and even a tea steeper with a Tie Fighter on it. I wasn’t alive when the originals were released but I still remember the day when I was first introduced to Darth Vader… ah, what a glorious experience with my parents.


Star Wars, as far as I can put a finger on it, truly has universal appeal. Rooted strongly in the struggles of World War 2, it pulls in all of the elements that we experience in life. Loyalty, family, pain, failure, suffering, victory, uncertainty, overcoming adversity, and companionship. There are few movies that capture this more vividly than the “classic” Star Wars movies… I won’t delve into the prequels at this time.

Last time I saw a Star Wars movie in theaters, I was 18 and it was three weeks before high school graduation. One of my closest friends and I went to the theater at midnight (quite a treat when you aren’t an adult yet) and had a good time. Revenge of the Sith was mediocre at best, with the highlight being an insanely long lightsaber battle. But that was a good experience… I was talking to the same friend and ten years later we are both LOSING OUR MINDS OVER THE NEW MOVIE BEING RELEASED!


I avoided watching the trailers as long as possible, but after being exposed to one against my will in May, I have been obsessed. They have done incredible fan service throwing back to the nostalgia of the originals, while maintaining the cool factor of modern movies. I have never seen a marketing campaign like this for anything – ever. Car ads, Star Wars branded oranges, music videos, clothing, it is pure insanity. And I love it! I’m quite possibly more excited for the new Lego pieces than I am the actual movie!

I can only imagine how excited people are who saw the originals in ’77. That must be super cool. Truly, my inner 10 year old is losing his mind in my 29 year old self. Just seeing the pure, multi-generational excitement is enough to make me want to watch all of the movies this weekend! Believe the hype – or don’t – it’s such a cool time to be alive! I’m even getting my wife to tag along – our son is, of course, stoked out of his mind, so that in and of itself gives me the awesome energy to be even more excited. I suppose it helps that some of my best friends will be going too… and then we will watch it again, and again, and again until we can quote the whole bloody thing! Times are changing – but are they really?

A very happy Friday and have a wonderful, Force-filled weekend.



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