There Are Only Two Types of People in the World

Good morning, Reno! It’s another gorgeous winter day, although the snow still hasn’t returned and it is wayyyy too warm for January. You can tell it’s political season, because oh my gosh, the TV, radio, and internet media yahoos don’t talk about ANYTHING ELSE. Ugh. Maximum frustration with little benefit to anyone… during the time of such polarization, it made me think of how divided a country (or globe) can be at any point in time. And without further ado, my explanation, albeit graphically, of how there are only types of people in the world…

Disclaimer: I am not the author of any of these images – I simply pieced them together.


Dogs and Cats


Men and Women

Star Wars and Star Trek


Swimmers and Non-Swimmers







Jedi and Sith



That’s all for today. TTFN!



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