April Showers Bring May (Super)Powers

Hello my fellow Internet audience!

So, yes, we’re all busy, and yes we all have a lot going on, but I’m really glad it’s Friday and even more glad that it is BEAUTIFUL outside. We’ve had record-setting rain, which is nothing to complain about, but it’s nice seeing some blue for a change. I’m also incredibly thankful that I don’t live in Las Vegas anymore because it’s probably 97 degrees there.

I have once again fallen off the blog train, so my new goal for the summer will be two blogs a month. That seems super doable.

I just experienced one of the craziest and yet strangely most fulfilling weeks (plus a few days) of my life. It all began on 4/27 when my wife and I signed 103 pages of lawyer-filled-gook written for the not-so-common-man that’s only purpose in life was to proclaim that we had, in fact, purchased a home. Wow, was that a stressful process. I don’t think I enjoyed much of it, except possibly picking out the home customizations. That was pretty neat. That being said, we have survived the initial two week onslaught of WHERE ARE MY BOXERS and WHAT BOX HAS ALL THE FOOD IN IT, and are now well on our way to making it feel like home.

This happened. Go see it!

In addition to moving, and a huge thanks to everyone who helped with that, I also ran a half marathon the day after hauling a crap ton of @#%^ to the new place via Uhaul. Normally, I wouldn’t really recommend it, but this is not the first time that I have run 13.1 miles the day after moving. Last year, as a matter of fact, as my first Quasi-Semi-Annual- House-Change-Half-Marathon, or the Downtown River Run as I like to call it. All things considered, I nailed it. Crushed my pacing, dropped a little time from last year, and finished feeling pretty fresh. Why yes, I will take 1:34, thank you. I have no reservations about not breaking 1:31 to PR. After all, I did have to move my dad’s heavy steel couch up the stairs along with 7000 boxes the day before…

Later that week our new furniture arrived, and I have rarely purchased anything new in my life. Running shoes, my racing bike, and… video games. That’s about it. So having a house and furniture that was sparkling and shiny was just great fun. I even (almost) enjoyed putting it together with a friend.

Hot off the heels of that race, was my first Olympic triathlon of the year with some new components (Ultegra) – huge thanks to Peloton Bicycles – it would be the equivalent of getting your sports car souped up from the stock parts – and boy did Black Beauty scream!!! I was pretty stoked with the race for several reasons. One, it was pouring and I still freaking crushed it, probably some leftover angst from the freezing rain storm I experienced in Canada. Second, I led out of the water, off the bike, AND off the run! I couldn’t believe it! Here I was having the race of my life, in the rain, and actually enjoying it. Man, what a day to be alive and enjoy nature…


I ended up coming in 3rd overall (1st in age group), which is still a screaming victory for my first 30-34 USAT sanctioned race, only because the 1st and 2nd place started three minutes behind me and didn’t actually pass me. “Losing” by two minutes to 1st place and 56 seconds to 2nd place is fine by me, especially since I knocked 4th place off by over two minutes. It was just a great day of racing, and I had never, EVER experienced being the leader off of the bike, let alone the run. I think of myself as the type of runner who just gets it done. I’m quick; not fast. Biiiiig difference. And yet I was alive and well at the end of the day. What fun :D

So onward with the weekend, and it was Captain America: Civil War time. It’s no secret that I love Marvel movies… pff, I was practically born to purchase them all (you’re welcome, Marvel), and this movie was no exception. It had phenomenal and witty writing, great action and quips thrown in to break the tension, and it was just darned entertaining. For me, Black Panther stole the show, our new, sleek friend hailing from the land of Wakanda, which is home to the metal used in Captain America’s shield (vibranium).


In a refreshing twist, Civil War leaves you guessing and then second guessing who you’re cheering for. As the title pronounces, it’s getting real between the Avengers. Needless to say, I fully enjoyed embracing my inner little kid mere hours after slamming through one of my greatest 32 mile races to date, and the movie only helped intensify that feeling. I strongly recommend it to any superhero fans out there. Spoiler alert: there are massive amounts of beat downs. Spoiler alert #2: It’s really good! Not as good as Winter Soldier (Captain America 2) but was still top four Marvel movies in my opinion, trailing Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Winter Soldier. Thank you, STAN LEE! Whoohoo.

Onwards to the next day and I got to spend a wonderful Mother’s Day with both the wife and the mother-in-law, both of whom are nurturing mothers, and both who love to take care of everyone else in their lives instead of themselves. It was nice to celebrate them, and as everyone knows, everyone’s got a mother. I hope that you appreciated yours in some way…

The final highlight of that crazy week and change was my wife getting me an Xbox One out of the blue. That was pretty cool, except now I have to get games for it ;-) Any woman who buys her husband an Xbox is a woman worth keeping, although mine is the best, which makes me the luckiest.

All in all, very awesome end of April/start of May, and the World’s Toughest Half awaits me this weekend with skull-crushing hills and quad tearing climbs on the run… challenge accepted, my old nemesis, we meet again from last year.

Happy Friday. Happy Sunshine. Happy Life.

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