Fables, Frogs, and Fairy Dust

A happy Thursday to you all!

I don’t know you about, but I’m pretty excited that this election nonsense is all over. We can talk about that another time…

In other news, I have finally rejoined the Reno Pops Orchestra and we held our first concert of the season! It was so fantastic playing with a group of talented musicians again, especially where the non-music-industry types are just as welcome as those who regularly play in the Phil or are getting their PhDs in musical performance. It’s fun to dress up, perform wonderful music that you’ve spent months preparing, and coming together as a group. It’s also fun wearing a tux and a real bow tie :D The role of an orchestra musician is to blend in when necessary, and stand out only as appropriate. Each instrument has a part for a reason, and each reason helps to build the larger picture of cooperation and the beauty and power of music.

I have played trumpet since 6th grade – that was not any time in recent memory – and thankfully, my love for the instrument, performance, and music in general has only increased. Granted, I used to practice seven to eight hours a week and now barely get two, but it’s like riding a bike – you never forget – your embouchure may just take a beating getting back in shape…

Music in and of itself is a fascinating, endless world of possibility, and what’s crazy is that it is an infinite combination of twelve notes. That’s it – just twelve. Organized, patterned, managed, and played in different orders, combinations, tones, rhythms, beats, and syncopations forget the music that we know, love, and rely on daily. Jazz, classic rock, salsa, R&B, classical – they all use the same notes but in ten million different ways – simply amazing.

What is even more impressive is how music can have a drastic impact on emotions, feelings, thoughts, and attitudes. The right song at the right time can be a shot in the arm to finish a mile in 6:00 minutes, or maybe you hear a song that you reminds you of a lost family member and it brings sad thoughts to the top. Perhaps even your favorite jazz song comes trickling through the waves of your cocktail as you relax at a bar or your favorite hard-rocking, pulse pounding AC/DC anthem shakes the bad day at work off of your shoulders. Musical is powerful and music is wonderful.

Below are some of my favorite “most impactful songs.” Each tells a story in its own right, and each has a memory that I hold close, the pleasurable, the exciting, and even the sad.

It’s of course impossible to pick all of the greats, but you get the idea. Music is as ingrained in our hearts and our souls as is the need to breathe – music gives us life, and it’s so wonderful being back in a group of people who think so!

Be sure to check out our next concert, Heaven and Nature Sing, on December 16th and 17th at 7:00 PM and 2:00 PM respectively. Check out Reno Pops concert calendar for more details!

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