How To Post an Animated GIF To Your Facebook Wall

Today is short and sweet! You’ve seen them – you love them! Since the dawn of time (or computers), the animated GIF has given us reason to laugh, weep, rejoice, and bemoan as our eyeballs are treated to a snippit of life reanimated in blotchy graphics and set to an infinite loop of repetitive pixelation. For whatever reason, these little gems have made a comeback, and now they can even be found trolling the interwebs, lurking through text messages, and even being sent via work email.

There used to be a time when sharing these clips was easy via Facebook, but that functionality has since been blocked. Alas! There is an easy solution!

Simply copy and paste the web address (URL) into your “What’s on your mind?” field within Facebook and hit “Post” after you add necessary commentary and emojis. Voila! Your fun, piexly animation will be proudly displayed for all to see. #YoureWelcome #EasyAsPie #OuchMyEyes

humanattee animated gif
This little guy makes me super happy!


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