Cool(er) Runnings

Good morning fellow athletes and Christmas shoppers seeking relief from strained muscles!

It’s that time of year when the world falls in love with dropping the Benjamins… frantically running hither and thither in search of the perfect gift for the perfect someone, -OR- the-gift-that-you-wish-someone-had-gotten-you-but-you-ended-up-giving-to-an-acquaintance-that-you-were-roped-into-purchasing-a-present-for

It’s that time of year, when it’s good to get back into your healthy habits and gear up for the fresh batch of days coming in just mere weeks.

Since fall began settling in, I’ve gone on weekly runs with a runner friend of mine. Instead of going into full-on hibernation mode (and avoiding running entirely), I’ve used the cooler weather to get some consistent miles in and work on my weakest (of the three) sports. Even happened to drop a fairly serious 10K PR. I’ve also switched to Altra running shoes, a zero drop shoe with an emphasis on a huge toe box. Normally I have to resort to a wide built running shoe, but they packed in plenty of room with these puppies. It’s been lots of shorter, “adjustment runs,” but feeling good so far. Running has always been a love/hate for me, so I’m practicing loving it a little bit more prior to needing it for triathlon season. February 1st shall be here imminently.

In light of these tweaks to my running program, my leg muscles have obviously been gassed, for a number of reasons, so I’ve resorted to a new product that my wife and sister-in-law sell. Along with their other essential oils and rubs of Luscious Lavender, Fantastic Frankincense, Fairy’s Breath, Juicy Jubilee, Sensual Strawberry, and Unicorn Silk, dōTERRA also manufactures an amazing product called Deep Blue. I was hesitant at first to give it a shot, because Icy Hot and Biofreeze have left me wanting more, but I consented. I’m very glad that I did!

Disclaimer: I get zero ($0.00) commission for promoting this product. I may, however, get an extra tasty dinner tonight. ;-)

deepblueDeep Blue has a nice, non-chemically smell to it, and won’t fuse your nostrils together. It goes on more like a lotion than a chemically concoction born out of fossil fuels, baked petroleum, and the toenails of a once-wise rhinoceros. Very pleasant experience, in stark contrast to the eye-melting application of Biofreeze I had just a few days ago… my poor tear ducts!

It takes a little longer than expected for the cooling to “soak in,” but once it does, it provides consistent and warming/oddly cool relief for much longer than anything I’ve ever used before. I typically have trouble getting my calves to absorb the product, but this absorbed nicely and didn’t leave my skin slimy or gross feeling. The relief was very strong, I’d say a subjective 9/10, and lasted the better part of an hour/hour and a half. I was pretty tickled!

I’ve used it 3-4 times a week now to recover from any runs that I go on, and primarily use it for calves, quads, and thighs. Feeling great so far, and it’s just another tool in my box to help get through the many adventures I go on!

To get a sweet deal on Deep Blue and other dōTERRA products, click this link to order through my wife’s/sister’s portal. I’m already planning on getting many more… it’s a very worthy investment, just like your health and physical fitness is! Rock on!

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