The Beginning of Things Great and Small

Good Morning Northern Nevada!

2017 is currently on day #4, meaning that you only have 354 shopping days until Christmas. I’m giving you ample warning! So far the year has been off to an interesting start… today and Monday brought pouring rain, yesterday I showed up to the pool for my ritualistic swim only to be greeted by water that was ~54 degrees, and over the weekend, I got my mountain bike bogged down in a clayish-goop on Peavine that one could only be described as infuriatingly inconvenient. Sigh.

However, both Thunderstruck AND Born to Be Wild were on the radio on the way into work! Amazing! :D Nothing like hearing your two favorite songs to start the new year off well.

Typically I am super stressed out at the beginning of the year. This year, not so much! Granted, I don’t have my race schedule nailed down – heck, I don’t even know what I’m doing except my first XTERRA triathlon, and of course racing at the ever-glorious Donner Lake! My favorite race in the entire world. But other than that it’s an empty canvas. About time to start painting…

I was recently asked to join the elite Sierra Endurance Sports team here in Reno. Needless to say, I was totally stoked  and pretty floored. There are professional athletes on this team who have placed in the top three in world competitions, regularly take first place overall at the more local races, and whose slow runs are done at a 6:00/mile pace or are cranking out 300 watts/hour on the bike. I’m neither the fastest nor the strongest athlete on the team, but I plan to be the one working the hardest. It is a well-known fact that I’m the biggest Star Wars fan and most likely the best at video games :D :D :D

Joking aside, it’s an absolute privilege to join the team and train with people in a totally different athletic category.  I’m looking forward to building on a group of friends and training partners, some of whom I’ve known since my first foray into triathlon in 2007. I’m ready to crush it, to represent northern Nevada in a positive light (which I already love doing), and to get people out and active, something I’m also passionate about.

This team will be a great fit from both a competitive and lifestyle promotion perspective. SO FREAKING EXCITED! I love supporting local business, I love getting out into nature and crushing a trail or an epic hike, and I absolutely love Reno and racing. I also happen to love Nature’s Bakery fig bars…This is such an exciting time to be in the Biggest Little City, and an even more exciting time to be an athlete. Plus, our race gear looks darn good!

In addition to racing, another passion of mine is nature photography, and fortunately my wonderful wife convinced me to head up to Tahoe during some downtime over Christmas for a sweet photo session. I’m so glad we did because I captured some of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever snapped, and the lighting was truly incredible. If you take pictures you know how critical lighting is, and the fact that the clouds and the sun and the wintery glisten of Lake Tahoe came together was all the more impressive…

Lake Tahoe sunset.
Lake Tahoe sunset.

I am feeling refreshed and invigorated as 2017 kicks off. 2016 kind of stunk… there were great things, absolutely, but man was it tiresome towards the end there. 2017 is off to a rocking start, and really, who ever has the “perfect” year? No one. So I’ve reset my expectations and am pressing onwards. There are things ahead, both great and small, and I’m going to enjoy the (bike) ride.

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