Runnin’ in a Winter Wonderland

Good morning!

The alarm went off at 5:40, and soon the frigid air was nipping at my ears as the light crunch of the snow being squashed under my running shoes crackled as the miles faded into the dark, chilly hours of the morning. The squawk of some geese from Canada was met with the stirring of some local fowl, and all of it before the sun had even thought about emerging through the gray, murky sky. I normally bring my tunes along for some distraction, but this morning was just me and my running buddy, probably 75% of the reason I even made it out of bed this morning. There is something calm to a city covered in snow. It’s white and peaceful, sure, but it’s also got a serenity that the normal hustle and bustle of a busy Friday morning just doesn’t have. People are staying home because of school delays or icy conditions, and here we are out enjoying the a scene that many won’t get to observe, and we got our blood stirring to boot.

It’s 2017, and I’ve been much more diligent about getting those run miles in. Not a really a strength of mine once I get beyond 15 miles, running has always proved a challenge. I’m heavier than typical runners who are “deer-like” in their gait, but I’m not slow. I think my body just takes a beating from the swim musculature I’ve gotten over the years. The first race of the season is only 65 days away, and the time for action is now. Not when the weather is nice and I feel like it – now. Now as in now, now. So now it is! 30 miles done in January so far – going for 80.


The snow storm has finished pounding the area, dropping 3-5 inches in the valley and upwards of 14 feet at the Tahoe ski resorts. Insanity. The best part is that approximately 0.00″ were expected yesterday – oops! Just more reason to get out and enjoy the fresh powder.

Without a doubt, I prefer summer and fall to winter. The sun shines longer, the air is warm and buzzing with life, and there are endless amounts of activities. I’ve been working on my appreciation for winter, although that’s not as easy when it’s dark and miserable when you go to and return from work, your home gets icy, frigid, and unwelcoming, and the number of outdoor activities is severely limited. That being said, there is still a ton to do. Biking, sledding, snowshoeing, drinking tons of tea and hot chocolate, hiking, and all manner of other activities. It’s all a matter of where you go looking for it… and I’m going to keep hammering away at this running thing. I’ve also found mountain biking to be quite pleasant in the snow, with the appropriate (warm) gear.

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