Testing the Limits for 2017

Hellooooo Reno!

Note: this was updated 3/3/2017 due to philosophical changes prompted by this post. Goals have become targets, and goals is now a lifestyle and emotional approach not a “thing.”

One week into February and I will have completed the first piece of my goal: running 4 hours/week for the month. Looking good so far!

Many years ago, back when I was in grad school, one of the concepts that really stuck out to me was setting big, hairy audacious goals for yourself. Completely gnarly, borderline unreasonable, skull-crushing goals! Goals that make you shiver, that inspire you to be greater than you were when you woke up, goals that you give you a lurch of adrenaline when you think “holy cow, how am I going to do that??” These are the kind of goals that make life worth living, and truly bring out the excitement in personal or professional pursuits.

The themes are always the same… pick crappy goals, and you’re going to have lame-duck pursuits of those objectives. Pick ridiculously tough goals and one of two things will happen: one, you will either crush it, shattering all assumptions you had about yourself along the way, or two, you will fail in such epic fashion that you can’t help but pick yourself back up and tackle it again.

Not reaching your goal target on the first go isn’t a failure. You will learn so much more than if you had simply sat at home with your safe goals tucked inside your cheesecake. You cannot lose. Choose something risky, something daring, something adventurous!

Clear strategy and solutions for business leadership symbol with a straight path to success as a journey choosing the right strategic path for business with blank yellow traffic signs cutting through a maze of tangled roads and highways.

So here we go. Targets for 2017 and beyond:

  1. Run a 5:00 mile by November
  2. Swim a :59 minute 100 yarder before July 4th
  3. Swim 100 x 100s on my next birthday
  4. Run a 3:04 marathon before I’m 34 (Boston Qualifying time)
  5. Finish two XTERRA (mountain bike) triathlons this year

I still have to figure out a way to measure my progress towards these. It will be good to have check-ins, but I’m sure that will be a routine part of my training program.

My swim-spiration came from Triathlete.com’s Bucket List Swims article. Brutal – and I’ve been swimming for 25 years…

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