Muddy Musings

Helllooooo Reno!

And a happy Thursday to everyone. Man, apparently two weeks has disappeared since I last posted. POOF!

I am riding the struggle bus like a bat out of hell. Training has increased drastically since February, and my first race is barreling down on me this upcoming Saturday, with prospects of rain and mud. It’s not the rain or mud that makes me hesitant. Rather, it’s the whole new adventure it encompasses. Mountain bike racing is very different from cruising on my TT bike, and there are rumors that we may not even get to mountain bike that much (thanks, weather). Nothing would be more disappointing for this race than not actually getting to crush the trails. But that’s not really in my locus of control…

For years, I have used my training and athletic pursuits to bring balance to the Force, aka my life. Interestingly though, this time my work is a chaotic jumble of ridiculousness, and it is my training and personal life that are fairly calm and even keeled. That’s pretty refreshing, but not any easier. It’s tough when work saps all your energy and motivation, but you know you still have a 90 minute grind session or have to go running. Definitely makes you work on your mental game, I suppose.

This whole dirt racing thing is very new to me, which makes it great, because getting dirty AND an adrenaline fix sounds like a sweet deal to me! And I’ve gotten some great practice out and about on Peavine in Reno. Mud City for sure!

And here’s a pointless picture of a delicious meal we made after a smash session:

Here’s to a wonderful end of the week, or as wonderful as we are capable of making it, and whatever comes of the various adventures.

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  1. That’s not a sandwich, it’s a plate dinner—demands fork and knife. All that lifting should help out, though if you try to eat that with 2 hands. Can mouth encompass it all?

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