Balance And Where To Find It

Whew – finally getting a post in amidst the chaos known as April. In the next six weekends, I have five races – 2 x 13.1s, 2 tris (Olympic and sprint), and a 70.3. I shall have my revenge at Auburn because we all know that third time is a charm!

It’s really not that unusual for April and early May to be this busy (typically the lowest of my training months but highest racing), but it is one more race, and one less Saturday swim than I’d prefer, especially with work feeling burdensome and draining of all excess energy at the moment. June is incredibly sparse this year, which it always is, so hopefully the two bring balance to each other. The first 13.1 is a trail half with plenty of suffering, and in the second, I’m teaming up with one of the pacers to split open my three year old PR – at least that’s the hope. And this year, I’m not moving the night before like I have the two years prior! B-)

I LOVE mid-April and May. And second to September, it’s definitely my favorite time of the year. Just enough warmth to make you want to bask in the sun, but enough cool air at night to make you feel good. I’ve got 106 days until the big show (5th IRONMAN), which sounds like a long time, but it really isn’t considering a minimum of 17 of those days are for rest and recovery. Oops – now I’m down to 89 days…

I’ve written many, many times about balance. Some years it’s super easy to find, others it’s like pushing rope up a hill. I’m an IT professional by day, and swimbikerunrowhikerhusbandstepdaddogownermusicianxboxdreamer by night. Whew! And OK, yes, fine, I’m competitive, but there is a time to go all out, and a time to sleep in an extra 30 minutes for rest and recovery. The balance battle is something that I deal with day to day… do you skip an hour of sleep to make the swim workout or do you hope you can leave work a bit early to make up for it? At what point do you need to avoid late night dinner and movies because you have to clean the house? Did you go for a run at lunch to clear your head and get the blood flowing again?

I know many of you struggle with balance as well, and it’s certainly a cultural epidemic not having balance. One of the most common phrases mentioned at any office is work-life balance. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the sentiment, but I think we’ve got it a bit backwards. Life is work (I don’t mean the ‘in the office kind’), and everything worth doing in life takes a lot of work! It is up to us as individuals to feel empowered to make choices that promote, encourage, and promote balance. Careers are part of life, as are relationships, hobbies, friends, travel, spiritual well-fare, etc., and it takes the appropriate mix of all of those things to truly find the balance point.

Take any competitive event, any efforts at the office, or anything in your personal life and you’re bound to find ups and downs, points where you struggle, and points where you’re on top of the world… it’s all part of the great balancing game of life :D

How do you find balance in your various activities?

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