The Power of One Minute

Happy Fridayyyyyyyyyyy!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, and with the official start of summer, I think we’re all feeling like the world is once again full of hope. For those of you not in the Reno area, it just  snowed a week and a half ago and now we’re near triple digits. GAH! Oh well…

Today will be succinct. The weekend is approaching after all.

Today marks four years since I first completed an IRONMAN. It’s crazy to think what kind of prep went into that event but also how much has changed since. Would I do anything different? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s staggering how quickly those 1,460 days have gone since first wrapping up a very long day in Coeur d’Alene. An endurance event that long is less race and more mental game. It’s a minute battle repeated over and over and over and over again until finally you find that gorgeous finish line. And that got me thinking…

What are we, as humans, capable of accomplishing in a minute?

From an athletic standpoint, competitors push themselves to the edge and over just to see if it can be done. They run harder, jump higher, lift more weight, push more watts, hit more tennis balls, or run more plays. A minute is plenty of time to focus on execution, improving your process, and driving towards a future target. It’s also a chance to forget what has happened in the past and to focus solely on the next 60 seconds. A fresh slate of opportunity waiting to be chased down and seized!

The neat thing about having laser focus for a minute is that once it’s over, you can pick the next minute to re-engage, and the minute after that, and the next and the next… and suddenly you’re there, 11 hours later.

For me, these tiny moments of focus are currently driving my annual training targets for 2017, and with only 36 days until IRONMAN Santa Rosa, focus now is fairly critical. Those miles won’t race themselves :D

We’re getting there…

This ability to micro-focus spans far beyond the athletic world. Chunking up professional tasks, long-term goals,  or even seemingly impossible certification or coursework can be chunked up into bits that make sense, and each get tackled as its own chapter of effort. It’s so much more manageable that way. Sure, it’s overwhelming being tasked with the replacement of a software system, but divided into 1000 different pieces, it’s really just a minute sprint at a time.

Bonus: for those of you who have a triathlete in your life, check out the 24 Ways to Really Annoy a Triathlete. SO FUNNY (and true!) A very nice complement to Dating Guide for Dummies.

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