10 Songs to Rock Your Way Into the Weekend

Happy Friday everyone!

I’ve spent this week recovering from three months of brutal IRONMAN training, and attempting to get my edge back as I prepare for the last warm-up race of the season, followed closely by the big kahuna. I take my training seriously, but even more so, I swear by the physical and emotional impact that having a good soundtrack has on a training session (check out my post about a soundtrack for running a marathon).

Next time you’re looking to drop a PR on your mile, throw some huge effing weights around, row the crap out of your 5000 meter challenge, or kick a punching bag into oblivion, these are your go-to choices! These songs all lean towards the heavier side of the music spectrum (fair warning: I hate Pop). A few qualifications: 1) a band can only be represented once and 2) the lyrics have to be understandable. They’re all great, but #1 and #2 are definitely worth listening to.

Number 10.

Fallout – Queensrÿche – When I’m wrapping up a run set and have a sold quarter to half mile remaining, I throw this song on. It keeps the legs moving at a high cadence, and I can feel the surge of energy. It’s best for short bursts though, as this is the shortest song on the list at not even 3:00 minutes.

Number 9.

This Means War – Nickelback – Ironically, this song inspired me to write this post, even though I just discovered it yesterday. Man, this song really pumps me up with savage rifts and Chad Kroeger’s gravely vocals. Listened to it nine times yesterday and four times today. I have a feeling this will be a staple in my workout mega mix from here on out!

Number 8.

Good Times, Bad Times – Godsmack – If there’s a band with the pair to cover a group like Led Zeppelin, it’s going to be Godsmack. Also fantastic in person, these metal-heads from Massachusetts leave nothing to be desired.

Number 7.

Use Me – Hinder – One of my favorite rock groups (saw them with Theory of a Deadman and Motley Crue), Hinder comes out swinging with hard hitting guitars, a kick-ass drum line, and an upbeat pump to keep you cruising through set after set.

Number 6.

Land of Confusion – Disturbed – My first rock concert ever (2006), and these guys haven’t stopped hitting. Their album, Ten Thousand Fists, is flawless – just throw on the album if you can’t decide what to listen to. And they’ve got a super cool music video to boot!

Number 5.

Superbeast – Rob Zombie – Easily one of the creepiest groups around, Rob Zombie mixes metal mashing with horror elements. Avoid the music videos, but they have some savage cuts, and it was hard to just pick one… seen them in person twice and haven’t been disappointed yet.

Number 4.

Number of the Beast – Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden has always had a special place in my heart as one of the first metal bands that I discovered in college. I really was born in the wrong generation… any band that sells 90 million albums couldn’t have gone wrong! With their trusty mascot, Eddie, accompanying all the rock, you’re in good hands with this number (666).

Number 3.

Ride the Lightning – Metallica – The Masters of Metal need no introduction, and neither does this song. Whether ripping through an indoor trainer set or setting a new max on the bench press, this song will have your blood flowing and your adrenaline pumping for six minutes and forty-seven seconds!

Number 2.

Summer Song (Satchurated: Live in Montreal 2010) – Joe Satriani – I have seen this super shredder once, and holy cow! One of the few artists who doesn’t have much to say, and spends the time hammering away on his ax instead of blabbering on about politics or some other BS. These guys wreck shop on this song, and it’s my favorite to get up and going, especially on a run. High tempo and huge amounts of awesome. I listen to this song at least once a day! I also recommend watching the whole concert if you get the chance. Amazing!

And the Winner Is…

Thunderstruck – AC/DC – Well, let’s be clear – the single greatest song of all time certainly deserves a spot in the top 10, and is really the crowning champion of this list. You know what you’re getting with AC/DC anytime they fire up the amps, and Thunderstruck doesn’t disappoint. For 26 years this song as been crushing speakers around the globe. Average DAILY listens for me: 2.683.


Bonus Song!

Born to Be Wild – Steppenwolf – Some people have spirit animals – I have a spirit song. Ever since my father introduced me to the legend of Steppenwolf back in my early childhood, this song has been playing on repeat. I love everything about it, from the solid rock and roll feel, to the rolling visions of cruising on Route 66 via motorcycle. It appeals to the inner masculinity and conjures up image of a simpler time when all music was great because that was the only kind of music there was.

Honorable Mentions

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  1. Nice list! This list may not be your bag but these songs always give me an extra boost…
    Suffocate by Motograter – https://youtu.be/Sq9O_neTYN4
    Planets Collide by Crowbar – https://youtu.be/Q-LNFCTMs24
    The Lasting Dose by Crowbar – https://youtu.be/P0bc0hkbOew
    Daylight Dies by Killswitch Engage – https://youtu.be/5l337PIKMKo
    The Death of Love by Cradle of Filth –
    The Pursuit of Vikings by Amon Amarth – https://youtu.be/M-43pOqheMY
    Halo by Soil – https://youtu.be/RFc-2aNZ6VY
    Solitaire Unraveling by Mushroomhead – https://youtu.be/U45NfWSX-Vk
    God Failed by Hourcast – https://youtu.be/dfg1fv05STE

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