Natural Wonders and Wondering Naturally

It’s been about two months since my last blog. UGH! That’s so bad… I don’t even know where those eight weeks went. Strangely, that last post has been one of my most popular blogs to date, spreading like wildfire (for me) across the social media interwebs. Apparently I touched on a pretty well-received topic: work :-)

I’ve missed my writing, so I appreciate that my inner drive is seeking some return to regularity after a break. Maybe that book will even happen one day… hmm. That being said – I couldn’t really lock down a topic for today. The words just kind of strung together as they were laid out on paper. So there’s that… reader beware!

It’s been an exhausting two months since my last blog… the transition into a very different role in the workplace has thrown all of my routines off, but I’m thankful to have raced my last 70.3 triathlon for the year, as well visited both the Grand Canyon and Mammoth in the time since. It is very nice not solely focusing on swimming, biking, and running, and feeling a bit freer to dwell on the joys of dark chocolate, walking my dog, and getting back into photography. I’ve been going to bed more exhausted than I have been in ages (even when I was doing all that IRONMAN training), and yet have been getting even less sleep. Restless brain syndrome, I suppose… thanks, life.

I’ve always found great comfort in nature. Its invigorating seasons, ever-changing colors, sights, and smells, and even in how the natural world flows around me and doesn’t care as to what my plans or my objectives are. It lives on, dwarfing my tiny circle of the world that I experience as it whirs by with a chaotic swoosh. Mountains stretch their peaks towards the sky, rivers and lakes bubbling and swirling along their way, and the myriad of creatures and creepy crawlies that live in this fascinating world of ours: they all look out and offer me a fresh perspective that there is much more to this world than my narrow, day-to-day experiences.

Nature seems to hold a lot of the answers, because it points to intent and purpose. What a wonderful place to go run or bike or explore and decompress when the rapid lifestyle we lead catches up and becomes too burdensome. With ever shortening attention spans, the inability to be satisfied (Netflix), or fear of missing out (checking our phones every four minutes) can really add up and create a lot of negative tonnage in our lives. The three days I had zero cell signal in the Grand Canyon was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! So great not wondering (or caring) about what was going on outside that deep ravine.


I’ve felt swamped recently and a little lost; letting tiny pieces of my sanity slip away quietly as I try to keep some oxygen flowing to the brain instead of staying lasered in on my intent and purpose. It has been a good break – but I’m also looking forward to getting back at “it,” whatever the it may be.  I bring focus to the workplace, but clearly forgot how hard a career change can be, exciting and fun as it is, and end up going home each night devoid of excessive energy and enthusiasm.

The good news is that it’s November today, which means the holidays are upon us. Everyone knows that the holidays are a very relaxing and invigorating occasion full of drama-free time and events…hah >;[

In the past two weeks I have taken 751 photographs. That’s approximately 751 more than I have taken since April. Bah! I love photography and the unique lens (sorry) that it lets you view the world through; especially because it helps you dwell on the tiny details, not necessarily the huge picture. I’m perfectly content to fire away on my camera, with my dog in tow, when the change of the seasons and the cool snap of fall is in the air.


It’s been a really, really busy year. Lots of great racing, chill hikes and BBQing, some fun movies, and lots of fun, family trips here and there. I’m definitely ready for some rest though :-) Nutcracker will be here soon, a Christmas party or two, and of course game seven of the World Series is tonight. And while we’re on sports, what the heck is going on in college football!? Everyone is losing their marbles (and now I’m just waiting for Alabama to drop the ball *literally* and then can finally be at peace).

I recently stumbled upon this video from Ted, and highly recommend it as a must watch, because the ideas discussed regarding “originals” and “improvers” really stuck with me. Something deep within my core is constantly intrigued by doing projects, or tasks, or physical feats better and more efficiently. An endless circle of improvement and striving to raise the bar simply for the sake of a new challenge awaits. Be original – your friends and coworkers will thank you. Be an improver – everyone who interacts with you will not only be impressed but may even draw some inspiration from you. It can really help drive your intent and purpose too!

I hope that the first day of November treats you all very well, and that you have exciting plans to look forward to before 2018 comes rollin’ in! That time is changing real soon… beware!


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