Sinister Six – The Saga of Suffering

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with much joy that I announce that none of the Sinister Six dropped dead in this year’s Reno Tahoe Odyssey, a journey of bravery, odd-defying heroics, 178 miles of Nevada and California wilderness, and the least restorative sleep known to mankind.

Cheering Dustin on.

There’s relay races and then there’s relay races… the Reno Tahoe Odyssey is another kind of animal altogether.  Typically, teams tackle it in groups of twelve, with each runner plowing through a scant 15-17 miles and calling it a day. After six years of the same old, I decided to mix it up a bit, and found the five craziest dudes I could, strapped them into a van, and watched as they all ran at least a marathon and some change. It was GNARLY! 24 hours and ten minutes later, the team crossed the finish line, tired, worn to the bone, and yet still stoked to be alive and basking in the epic course crushing that they had just executed.


There wasn’t really anything normal about the experience. The planning, the logistics, the details – almost everything was 100% different from the standard, twelve man affair. On the positive side, the energy and enthusiasm were much, much higher. The team was together the entire time (instead of trading vans every 35 miles or so), and each runner brought various strengths (or snacks!) to the team to help us survive.

Overall, we placed 17th out of 254 (only 30 were six man teams – 224 had twice the runners we did), and 5th in the ULTRA category. I’m freaking impressed with these guys! That’s a lot of roadkill ;-) Official RTO results here.

Yeah… these guys are NUTS!

It was a new kind of kooky, but everyone rose to the challenge. There were some super tedious miles, especially come 4:00 AM, some nasty-ass blisters, the sweet aroma of sweat and suffering permeating the van, and yet I heard no one complaining the entire time. The superhero shirts we brought along were a good fit for those brave adventuring souls… and the team rallied around each runner as they hammered their assigned legs (haha!), and bonded in ways that a trip to the bar just doesn’t do.



When asked if I would ever do it again, I laughed and said NOT A CHANCE. But does no really mean no? I don’t know… :D Here’s a link to some Strava segments if you’re curious about what my six runs looked like. It just doesn’t get any more beautiful than Tahoe and Northern Nevada!

  1. Kicking Off the Sinister Six Ultra RTO 🙀
  2. Squaw to Tahoe City Crush Session! ☠️
  3. Kingsbury Bombing Run 💣💥
  4. Jack’s Valley Has A Sucky Climb 🗻
  5. Toll Road Destruction 🤘
  6. Ugh – Not How I Wanted to End RTO After So Many Good Runs 😓😔😟


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